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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

It has been a really long time since I have posted content from third party sites on my blog, but this one deserves a watch.

I have been a big fan of John Oliver for some time now thanks to the Bugle podcast he hosts with Andy Zaltzman. John’s show Last Week Tonight is one of the best shows on air today, globally. And the below clip is all you need to see to know why.

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Most epic motivational speech ever!

I wish I could meet this kid and talk to him. I wish I was this kid. I wish my kid is like this!

Thumbs up!

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Should you use twitter? [Infographic]


Chances are, if you should be using twitter, you would already be.

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My Blackberry Is Not Working! [Video]

This is the funniest video I have seen in a very long time! Genuinely LOL funny!

Harry Enfield FTW! 🙂

Do watch! 😀

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The Unrhyme

I think, I think and I think,
Of everything but now of ink,
Why is there no ink in pink?
Damn! These rhymes, have no link.

So here, I give it another shot,
To make sense and just rhyme not,
No no no! Again I lost the plot,
My head is where rhymes come to rot!

Now I travel all the way to Khar,
It is known to be the land of Sardars,
By train I go not by my car,
At least this rhyme can be called par.

This post is akin, to moon-walking in an ice rink,
Hence now I stop, before I cause your blood to clot,
I know now as far, I will never be a rhyming star,
See what I did in this last stanza love?


What we should have actually been taught in School

Oatmeal always comes up with the most brilliant comics to explain the most complicated stuff in the funniest manner. They have now come up with this new series about what we should have been taught in School. Below are a few of them. Go read the rest here. Go!


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‪Harry Potter in 99 Seconds‬‏ – EPIC

If this is not Epic, I do not know what is.

Can not stop listening to it repeatedly!

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The Girl Paradox

A few months back I had posted a picture which showed the ‘Boy Paradox’. And now look what I found!

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