Monthly Archives: April 2011

10 things I learnt in Sikkim

I went on a week long trip to Sikkim. It was undoubtedly the best trip I have taken till date. The place is quite literally out of this proverbial world. The things I am listing down are not things that Sikkim taught me, but things that 'came to me' in this trip.

  1. I nag. A lot. (You, yes you reading this right now, please don't give a 'finally!' smirk)
  2. I am bad at bargaining. (I always kinda knew this though, but well, and again, do not smirk!)
  3. Beauty is superficial. It should be. It can be.
  4. Beauty is …..
  5. English is an inadequate language. I wish there were words that could fill the above blank.
  6. Looking at something that is unarguably one of the best that Nature could dish out, gives a new meaning to the word 'awe'. (Damn you English! And I am talking of Mt. Kanchenjunga here by the way)
  7. Sports transcends, unites, exhilarates and is always loved.
  8. 'Sheela ki jawaani' is popular is quite the understatement.
  9. I am now unsure if I like the beaches or the mountains.
  10. I have been scarred for life. By Sikkim.