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What I want to do every time it rains.


No matter where I am, no matter what I’m doing, no matter what I’m wearing; when I see rain falling, there’s only one thing I wish I was doing at that exact moment.


And still we vote…


I don’t mean we shouldn’t be voting.

We must.

But, is that enough?

Between roofs


I always wanted to know
What you get when you reach the end,
The proverbial end of the proverbial rainbow,
Is it the proverbial pot or just more snow.
Curiosity killed the cat they say,
I’m curious, who’s the cat and who are they?
Now my curiosity is visible as plain as day,
Let’s let the proverbs and idioms and clich├ęs stay.

Curiosity led me to run my first 21.097,
Or half marathon as some might prefer,
Though I don’t know what led me
To run the next 5 thereafter.
I ran to know how it felt, running
more than you ever thought you could.
I found the end easy but the journey cunning,
And I got hooked, like a wannabe to dude.

I wanted to know what it feels like,
To go higher than you thought you would climb,
Climb using your legs, not a mountain bike,
So I took a journey through snow and grime,
To try and reach a summit in the Himalayas,
Which was just one of my numerous gurus,
None better than the people around me,
Without whom I would’ve made a lot of booboos.

I was once told, even a flower can be
Your guru, every thing or person,
Teaches you something for free,
All it costs you is just your vision.
It means every journey one takes
Teaches one more than one paid for it.
So travel and some sense try to make,
And you’ll be richer when you’re done with it.

Saranbir taught me that a leader does not have an age,
Umesh, that you need to keep up to keep an eye,
Satvik that you need a leap of faith to turn the page,
Jayanthi, that positive attitude can bid a doctor g’bye,
Aviraj’s determination lay expectations flat,
Prithvi taught me to be a mom to your mommy,
Sharanya, to smile no matter what,
And others taught me more for me to carry.

The mountains taught me there
Always will be someone taller than you,
You don’t need to fret and care,
Just stand tall and be true.
The stars taught me to look up above.
Look up and believe,
Even if you don’t see them, love,
They never actually leave.

I always thought a beach person I am,
The sound of the waves, the sun on my face,
Having now seen the Himalayas in all its glam,
Doubts I have in my mind more than a trace.
Never will I forget the moment I stood
On the roof of our planet, our home,
Above me I saw another roof just as good,
Standing between roofs felt like reading a never-ending tome.



You show up as you please,
No matter how hard we squeeze.
In fact, that gives you speed
Like you’ve a mind of your own.

You come when you’re most unwelcome,
You don’t when we want you to run,
You sure seem to have a lot of fun
Like you’ve a mind of your own.

All it takes is a stifled yawn,
Or a scene in a stupid movie,
You be a bitch then and show up
You do have a mind of your own.

I wish you didn’t exist, were never born,
Especially when you’re not mine,
You ensure no one’s deceived,
Maybe it’s good you’ve a mind of your own.

The games words play


Since the time I was a boy small,

(Some of you will now snigger),
I was the one with the book and not the ball,
And just like everyone as I grew bigger,
Books were still not considered de rigueur.

I read Champak and I read Tinkle,
And anything that I could in front of me see,
However, text books were always just a sprinkle,
They somehow drove me up a tree,
Holy Mother of God!, why wouldn't they just let me be?

As I grew older, my books grew bolder,
(No, I don't mean what you think I mean),
Books became bigger and the stories grew colder.
The trend continued as I eventually passed my teens,
But boy, I could easily be called a reading machine.

I never romanticised books, their form didn't matter,
The beauty of the print or the color of the cover,
These were to books what egg is to batter;
They just hold them so they don't fall all over,
It was the words and their play that made me a lover.

They have made me laugh they have made me smile,
Even made me cry and in love made me fall,
Making every sleepless night completely worthwhile,
I know it is me and not them at the other's beck and call,
Though sports could have possibly made me tall.

I now read them on my beloved Kindle named Jude,
There is no fragrance of inky books or colorful prints,
Though I now carry in my pocket, books in multitude.
I still dream and they still color my glasses in various tints,
And without dog-ears through my books I sprint.

I still want to own a library where books for free kids rent,
They come and read every book ever written,
It is just a fantasy, which periodically I vent.
I can keep writing on how with books I am smitten,
But I'll now let you be, and assume you too are bitten.

What I think about when I am running


He feels lonely. There are too many people around him. None, to give him company. He doesn’t think. Music drives him as strangers egg him on. A sea of people and a cacaphony of noise. He thinks. All he wants is the next step, all he needs is the next breath. He IS lonely. And he loves it.