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Rocket explained in a non-rocket-scientist language



Manual photography cheat sheet


Trippy, isn’t it?

Go. Click.

Hat-tip: Art Umbrella


Should you use twitter? [Infographic]


Chances are, if you should be using twitter, you would already be.

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Domain Name = Website

For quite some time now I have had the domain name with me. A little over 2 years actually. Apart from this, I also have the domain No need to explain where the inspiration for this came from. I did also have a few others along the way, but then got rid of them eventually.

I have always believed that one should only buy a domain name if they intend to develop a website for it. So, I always did intend to develop two websites for the above two domains and now that I have some spare time in my hand, I think it is the right time to begin. 

Going with my personal website first. I intend to develop a simple website for now which would basically act as a resume of sorts and would subsequently also have links to my blogs. Basically I have not really thought a lot about this till now.

So if anyone can give me ideas – on design as well as concept and content – it would be splendid. Also, if anyone can point me to some personal websites, it would be quite helpful!