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Trailer of SENNA – The Movie

I cannot wait to watch this movie!

Epic movie for an Epic Driver! *Respect*


Red Bull did what Mallya should have

Right from the launch of Force India F1 at the Gateway of India, I was expecting Mallya to get one of their cars to India and show it in action here. This expectation increased after the Bandra Worli Sea Link was built. Not only would this have been a tremendous PR exercise for Force India before the Indian GP in 2011, but he could have painted the town in the colours of Kingfisher!

But Red Bull took the first step and a huge advantage by showcasing their might in F1. A good year for them with Vettel doing very well in the Championship and they chose the right moment.

Come on Dr. Mallya, you are shrewder than this! Now you can maybe get one of the cricketers from your team to drive your car to get one up on Red Bull 😛