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More about ads

It has been quite a while since I updated this blog of mine. But I have been a little busy with college activities, especially involving placements.

Anyways, I had one more though regarding ads and I though it is good enough to put it up here.

I had posted once earlier, that advertisements should carry the logos of the brands they are trying to advertise through the length of their ads. I would now like to take it a step further.

David Ogilvy, in his book ‘Ogilvy on Advertising’, says that all print ads should be signed by the writer himself. This will mean that there is additional responsibilty on the writer and the agency to write better ads and make sure every ad counts. I was wondering why this cannot be done for print ads. Imagine ads having a 2 second intro or conclusion credit giving the name of the agency which produced it. This way, the better your ads, the more your agency is known. For the brands, they now can be assured that the agency will make sure they do not put their names on ads which are not upto the standards.

This will help the viewers too. Lesser irritating, stupid ads which make no sense. This will bring in a lot of accountability to advertising is what I think. I know this might not be feasible and all the agencies will surely lobby against it. And when it boils down to it, who would make sure this is done? What governing body?

Anyways, do you think this will work?


Yes, I am a geek

Yes, and I am proud to be one. No, I am not a nerd. Yes, I look like a nerd.

Yes, I love to read a lot. No, I hate to study. Yes, I am a gadget freak. No, I am not a dork.

Yes, I love libraries, I would love to own one someday. No, I don’t spend my days there.

Yes, I read up on the net a lot. No, I don’t chat a lot online.

Yes, I love to write, a lot. No, I don’t do it to show off.

Yes, I am a geek. No, I am not a cute looking one.

Has India got THIS talent?

This video is here ONLY for its brilliant execution! Awesome! 😛

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Affiliate Marketing Vs Ambient Advertising

I am to write a 2500 words White Paper on Affiliate Marketing for a competition. I hope that with the little experience I have of working in the internet industry, it will give me some kind of advantage.

The other topic is Ambient Advertising and even though advertising does attract my attention, I think I can do more justice to Affiliate Marketing. However, if I do choose Ambient Advertising, I guess I will learn a lot more about something I don’t really know a whole lot about. But I think it is not that broad a topic in the first place.



Put the logo throughout the length of an ad!

What would any brand lose if they put the brand name or the logo throughout the length of the ad. I can understand that initially you want to keep a level of suspense and keep the viewer guessing about what brand the ad is all about, but it just defeats the purpose. Are not ads meant to create high recall and make people buy the stuff when you eventually go shopping? But if you want to make more impact by keeping the user guessing and in the bargain losing out on recall in the clutter, what use is it?

I really do believe that the creative people would rather not have the logo throughout the length of the ad as then the user would know what would happen by the end of the ad and thus downplay the creativity of the copywriter. But, ads are not meant to satisfy the copywriter, it is meant to increase the sales and achieve stiff targets!

I recently saw an ad by ‘Roca’, a bath fitting brand, which had its logo throughout the length of the ad at the bottom corner. I now remember the brand better!

Is there any reason why one would not put the logo right at the beginning of the ad?

2012 Trailer – Mind Blowing!

You HAVE to watch this in full screen HD!


Recession-Proof Graduate

This is an absolutely brilliantly written e-book. I can relate to most of what he says and really think he is making the most sense than a lot of people have in a really long time.

I know it is a bit longish for you impatient readers, but this is A MUST READ!

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