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To migraine or not to migraine

By now I am quite used to my migraine. I am suffering from it since the time I was 13. Which means I have had it for half my life!

As I have got older however, the frequency of my migraine bouts have pleasantly decreased. However, I now have one of the worst one ever. This one is now 2 days old and running!

The last time I had this kind of a headache was way back. Actually I don’t quite remember the last time it was this bad. The worst part is I still had to go to work today (this being an internship) 😦

A lot of people have read a lot on migraines, and everyone knows that each person has a particular migraine trigger. Once you figure that out, you just need to stay away from yours. Unfortunately, I have not yet figured out mine. Chocolate and lack of sleep ranks as the most common triggers, but chocolate is not a trigger for me and lack of sleep is not a consitent problem. But it is surely one of my triggers.

The most common cure for a migraine is sleeping it off. I have gone through three sleep cycles in the past two days and still have come out on the other side with a painful head 😦

Well, all I can do now, is hope I wake up tomorrow morning having shaken off Mr. Migraine!


P.S. Yes, I agree the title is kinda stupid, but what do you expect to come out of a head that is experiencing constant hammering by little people for the past 48 hours?