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The quest for ………what?

Now that most of the people who actually read this, though a lesser number now because of the lack of update, are done with college and started with work, I thought it was an appropriate time.

We get out of college, not knowing why we went through the whole thing. All we remember is being together with friends, fooling around, enjoying, shouting, screaming, playing and doing much more with them. But do we remember what we have actually learnt in this time? I mean how many of us will be actually applying that exact same knowledge in work, and we also know people who could have done the same work without even going through all this. But that thought is for later.

For now, we are working!! Regardless of what we did to get here, we are here. We are at a place where we hope to find things to do which we like. Which makes us happy, wanting us to do better things. This is called as a job. We will be doing this now for the rest of our lives. But will we be thinking like this about it for the rest of our lives?

You can’t blame me to think like this. How many people do we know around us, who are 40 plus and are actually enjoying what they are doing, now caring about how much is being deposited into their account. I know that is an important part too, but don’t you think when you see them, that this is the only part that they are working for? If given a chance they would retire the next day. But they can’t. Because they haven’t ‘saved enough’ for the rest of their lives. They are doing their jobs for the quest of what? Happiness? Money? Or maybe retirement?

I have always believed that every human being you see teaches you something. Maybe they are teaching you something. Maybe you love your job now. Maybe you will love it for the next 50 years too. But what if you don’t want to do it after 20 years? What will you do then?

Maybe even you will do the ‘job’ till you ‘save’ enough. We are living in an amazing time now. It’s the best time to live in this country. And if it is not the best, then best has not yet come. But it will. So what does it mean? It means that you will need even more money to spend. But it also means that you will HAVE more money to spend.

So people, start saving up. Use all the lovely tools this free economy gives you. And maybe ask your dad why he is still working.

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