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Another 21.097 kms ran. Another Half Marathon completed. Loved running in Delhi this Sunday. The weather was nice, the crowd was kicked and it was all Delhi!

Beautiful feeling to run around the India Gate and the wide and pimple free roads of Delhi. 

Have never actually thought of putting up pictures of me running before, but here goes nothing.

Here are some pictures from the Thane Half Marathon held in February this year.


And pictures from the Delhi Half Marathon. Kindly note the tattoo 😀 *blush*


Next up is the Mumbai Marathon in January. Another 21.097 🙂


10 must-take classes from around the world

Stop making extensive itineraries for your next travel destination. has come up with a list of 10 inspiring classes around the world, and they HAVE to figure in your travel plan if you are going to these destinations. Or you can go to the destinations only for the classes 🙂

Go to the article to read in detail about these classes. I have listed them down in short.

  1. Manga drawing: Fukuoka, Japan. 2 weeks, USD 1,025
  2. Cheese making: Wisconsin, USA. 3 days, USD 279
  3. Flamenco: Seville, Spain. 7 days, USD 408
  4. Jungle Survival: Guyana. 2 weeks, USD 2,521
  5. Ceramics workshop: Plan du Four, France. 5 days, USD 639
  6. Photography: Kathmandu, Nepal. 12 nights, USD 4,114 (includes stay)
  7. Singing: Barbados. 7 days, USD 1,800 (includes stay)
  8. Meditation: Himachal Pradesh. 10 days, USD 130 (includes meals and stay)!!
  9. Kung Fu: Fujian, China. 4 weeks, USD 1,432
  10. Genghis Khan warrior traning (!!!!!): Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. 9 days, USD 3,387 (includes stay, all meals, activities, guides and a tailor made Mongolian Robe!!!)
So, who is going to Mongolia with me? 😀

Mumbai Mirror teleports Ashwin


We all have seen, commented and made fun of the monstrous gaffes that Mumbai Mirror has made so often. Well, it simply cannot get any bigger than this one. There are currently two parallel test series’ going on. India is hosting West Indies and South Africa is hosting Australia. 

Mumbai Mirror obviously thinks Ashwin deserves more wickets than he is actually getting. So they teleported him to South Africa after the 2nd Test between India and West Indies and will get him back before the 3rd Test in Mumbai. Ashwin managed to take the wicket of Hughes. This error was in the print edition and still exists on their website.

Make sure your child never reads Mumbai Mirror.

Race a marathoner – Brilliant marketing idea [video]

Brilliant idea! Wouldn’t hurt get something like this in the Delhi metro stations. Or the Mumbai metro in a couple of years.

Though in the video, the virtual Ryan is a foot taller, so he will always win 🙂



Even tattoos fade

I look and my mind springs up a rhetoric,
The kind of look that results in a smile,
The kind of smile that makes you feel euphoric,
I think it has been a while.

I talk, as if I am the talkative one,
The kind of talk that stretches away the miles,
The kind of mile that is used as a pun,
Trust me dude, it has been a while.

I hug, to say everything I cannot,
The kind of hug that I am told is only mine,
The kind of hug that ties friends in a knot,
Remember? No? Well, it really has been a while.

Together till death do us apart all say,
The kind of death that occurs when agony piles,
The kind of agony that makes a tattoo fade away,
Haha! Finally you know it has been a while.


I have always wished I lived in the time when all the great inventions were made. The ones we read in our science text books. It would be so fascinating to exist at a time when the telephone was invented. Yesterday there was nothing, today we have something that will change the world forever. It is just fascinating to see or experience something being created out of nothing. 

To me, every artist is the same. They are not artists, they are creators. Every musician. Every sculptor. Every writer. All they have is their imagination and vision. And just out of nothing, they create something breathtaking. Something so beautiful, it changes the course of lives. Lives of the creator and of those that have been touched by their creations. These are people with raw God given talent to create so called magic. In the way every piece of art, statue, music or poem begins slowly but surely and with every stroke, strike, note or word it lilts its way towards a magnificent crescendo and ends with a final swoosh of the brush, chisel or pen of the creator, it makes you feel as greedy as a man in an orgy. At the same time, it leaves you with a sense of understated achievement. A feeling that at some level, you have managed to understand the creator. For those few minutes that you are looking at a painting or a statue or listening to a piece of music, the art belongs to you. No one can take it away from you. No one else knows what it means to you. And it stays with you, forever. 

I wish I was as gifted. Enough to create magic out of nothing. I have been told the closest I have to having a talent is with my writing. I will believe it the day I write something that changes a life. Till then, I will keep trying.