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I want to….

  1. I want to read a library
  2. I want to backpack across India
  3. I want to drive a Formula 1 car
  4. I want to take a lap of the Top Gear track
  5. I want to run the half-marathon at the Mumbai Marathon 2010
  6. I want to place 300 students this year
  7. I want to visit Italy
  8. I want to listen to music in the rain
  9. I want to watch Real Madrid play
  10. I want to run the Marathon

Need more reasons to love Top Gear?

I don’t know how many people know about this, maybe many do, but Top Gear uses almost FIFTY audio tracks on an average for ONE episode!

This goes to show the extent to which they go, just to make it that much better. A single piece of video (a car test or a task) uses almost fifteen tracks, some for just a few seconds. If there is any particular track you heard in an episode and wondered where it came from, you can check it up here – http://is.gd/Bp3m

Not that I needed this reason, but I can’t help but love it even more now (if that is possible)!

I have said it a lot of times, this show is not just about cars. Itis about british comedy, awesome locales, brilliant film making, superbmusic and while they are at it, they talk about absolutely breathtakingcars as well. Now THIS is complete entertainment!