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Big Mac Index made easy

This is one of my favorite economic parameter. It is simple, practical and hence brilliant!

Anyway, look and learn 🙂


Debt Management –


‪Harry Potter in 99 Seconds‬‏ – EPIC

If this is not Epic, I do not know what is.

Can not stop listening to it repeatedly!

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This joint in time

As you sit on this balmy night,
Everything around you seems awry.
You just don't remember what is 'right',
Feels like you were hit by a lorry.

When was the last time you called,
Someone who would call you right back?
Like a software that wont install,
Its like all your brain needs is a hack.

You don't know what you want it to do,
If you want it to change time or stop it.
Maybe all you want is the hack to reset you,
So you are back at the start in a click.

But think about it, is it what you want,
To do everything you did, all over again?
Does it scare you my friend, does it daunt,
To know you will still do it all the same?

So maybe there is absolutely no point,
In asking for another chance ever.
What you do is pick today, now, this joint,
And make sure every moment you treasure.