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Seth’s Blog: The circles (no more strangers)


Sometimes I LOVE the way Seth Godin puts things across. Most of the things he blogs about are not at all path-breaking. It just can’t be considering he averages more than one post a day! But just the way he puts across things that are taken for granted is what he is all about. You should read this post if you are remotely attached to marketing or sales.


How cool is HE?


Ok ok! I know you are laughing! But let us give this guy a chance at the least!

After all, he knows 15 guitar chords and has blue ray’s something in his big TV! How often do you come across 100% real guys who have never gone to jail? I surely cannot think of anyone!

Oh, did I mention he shook Obama’s hand on TWO occasions? Now how cool IS he?

The Girl Paradox

A few months back I had posted a picture which showed the ‘Boy Paradox’. And now look what I found!

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Domain Name = Website

For quite some time now I have had the domain name with me. A little over 2 years actually. Apart from this, I also have the domain No need to explain where the inspiration for this came from. I did also have a few others along the way, but then got rid of them eventually.

I have always believed that one should only buy a domain name if they intend to develop a website for it. So, I always did intend to develop two websites for the above two domains and now that I have some spare time in my hand, I think it is the right time to begin. 

Going with my personal website first. I intend to develop a simple website for now which would basically act as a resume of sorts and would subsequently also have links to my blogs. Basically I have not really thought a lot about this till now.

So if anyone can give me ideas – on design as well as concept and content – it would be splendid. Also, if anyone can point me to some personal websites, it would be quite helpful!