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Life Of A Facebook Photo (Infographic)


I think it is more or less true. Even if it is not, it is funny 🙂

Thank you Pixable.

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Compass Box

I find this term really, really fascinating. Compass Box. 

It is an absolutely childish term. I for one, cannot ever imagine a grown up using this term regularly. And I really love the way it rolls out of your mouth. I mean, not YOUR mouth. I guess you got what I mean. Apart from how it sounds, it is one of the few terms which directly transports you to only one undisputed place – School. Back in school when all of us used to look the same. Same uniform, same shoes for all. It was so difficult to stand out. My school did not allow the girls to wear any kind of jewelry as well. 

All that we had to show a difference were our bags, and, our Compass Box. Of course, back then, there were no exposure to famous football clubs, or IPL teams. There were your usual Superheroes and the popular (and now classic) Cartoon Characters. So bags in short had limited options. So, it all boiled down to the Compass Box. 

Girls had these neatly kept simple boxes, with appropriate number of pens and pencils with erasers and sharpeners. Boys however, were spoilt for choice. From the usual and the original Geometry Set Box (which actually held a compass), to plain plastic boxes, to the ones which were ‘branded’ pouches. However, the ones which never failed to impress were the ones which were robotic. I kid you not! These were EPIC in the truest sense of the word. They had buttons which made the box look like Swiss Army Knives shooting out erasers and sharpeners. It was almost pornographic with the amount of ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ it used to demand from its audience. It was like the only way one could actually get a toy to school and play with it. It was a rocket launcher, a battleship, a launchpad, an airport and anything a boy wanted it to be.

I know I have rattled on quite a bit about something as simple as a Compass Box, but come on! After all, it is about our Compass Box!

So, how was yours?