I have always wished I lived in the time when all the great inventions were made. The ones we read in our science text books. It would be so fascinating to exist at a time when the telephone was invented. Yesterday there was nothing, today we have something that will change the world forever. It is just fascinating to see or experience something being created out of nothing. 

To me, every artist is the same. They are not artists, they are creators. Every musician. Every sculptor. Every writer. All they have is their imagination and vision. And just out of nothing, they create something breathtaking. Something so beautiful, it changes the course of lives. Lives of the creator and of those that have been touched by their creations. These are people with raw God given talent to create so called magic. In the way every piece of art, statue, music or poem begins slowly but surely and with every stroke, strike, note or word it lilts its way towards a magnificent crescendo and ends with a final swoosh of the brush, chisel or pen of the creator, it makes you feel as greedy as a man in an orgy. At the same time, it leaves you with a sense of understated achievement. A feeling that at some level, you have managed to understand the creator. For those few minutes that you are looking at a painting or a statue or listening to a piece of music, the art belongs to you. No one can take it away from you. No one else knows what it means to you. And it stays with you, forever. 

I wish I was as gifted. Enough to create magic out of nothing. I have been told the closest I have to having a talent is with my writing. I will believe it the day I write something that changes a life. Till then, I will keep trying.

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