What we should have actually been taught in School

Oatmeal always comes up with the most brilliant comics to explain the most complicated stuff in the funniest manner. They have now come up with this new series about what we should have been taught in School. Below are a few of them. Go read the rest here. Go!


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6 thoughts on “What we should have actually been taught in School

  1. Puja says:

    Ha…Lose/Loose. That’s my favourite one. The ‘Blog with me’ thingy is fanfriggintastically cool. I started blogging last year. Took me aeons to get rid of the lethargy and appehensiveness..Would’ve started long ago if I would’ve spotted something like that.

  2. Aditya Kandala says:

    Thanks Puja! Blog With Me was quite ambitious on my part actually. Really wanted a lot of people to contribute, but could not get enough people out of their state of inertia. I do believe that anyone can write well. And want more people to. Would you like to contribute to it? 🙂

  3. Puja says:

    I’d love to :):). I’ll send it across whenever I write next.

  4. Aditya Kandala says:

    Thanks! I like your blog. Nice name too. Just keep it more updated. Once you are caught in the rhythm, blogging becomes an addiction.<div><br></div><div>Mail across anything you want to write to me. mail(at)adityakandala(dot)com<br> <br></div>

  5. Monica Khatri says:

    ❤ Oatmeal! And a fun blog you got here! =)

  6. Aditya Kandala says:

    Thanks Monica! 🙂

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