Conversation in a Delhi Metro

This conversation took place about 4 months back.

I was in Delhi for the Half Marathon and after I finished the run, I took the Metro to go from the venue to my friend’s place. Next to me sat a 16 year old boy, clearly belonging to SEC A. This boy saw me in my shorts and decided to ask me a few questions:

Boy: You just ran in the Marathon?
Me: Yes
Boy: What distance?
Me: The Half-Marathon. 21 kms.
Boy: You have run before?
Me: Yes, this is my 4th.
Boy: Ok, can I get the medal you got there for finishing the run?
Me: No. It is a souvenir.
Boy: Where are you from?
Me: Bombay
Boy: You keep going around just to run?
Me: Trying to.
Boy: So where in Bombay are you from?
Me: Thane.
Boy: How is Bombay?
Me: Good. I love it.
Boy: So you keep seeing movie stars?
Me: Errrrr, not really.
Boy: Was there any celebrity here in Delhi for the Marathon?
Me: Shah Rukh Khan and Bipasha Basu flagged off the run. 
Boy: You met them? Clicked pictures?
Me: No, I just saw them with a flag in their hand.
Boy: How many celebrities have you seen in Bombay?
Me: Errrr, this is my stop. Got to go.
Boy: Ok.
Me: You should start running.
Boy: I am giving my boards this year.
Me: All the best!
Boy: Thanks.

I don’t know why this conversation still amuses me. 🙂

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