I Ran

I ran in the dark.

I ran in Bandra.
I ran on The Linker.
I ran with the rising sun.
I ran in Worli.
I ran along Worli Sea Face.
I ran looking at Ducatis, Rolls Royces, Land Rovers and Jaguars.
I ran alongside Mahalaxmi Race Course.
I ran near Haji Ali.
I ran on Peddar Road.
I ran on Marine Drive.
I ran in Churchgate.
I ran in CST.

It was an experience that everyone should go through. Running on the streets of Bombay. Will not happen otherwise. Saw Bombay like I have never seen it before.

The best sight for me however was watching the African contingent running in sync with each other at sprint pace while we were jogging along. It was like watching horses galloping down the road, all in matching yellow shoes. Absolutely beautiful!

One thought on “I Ran

  1. Achint Parekh says:

    I didn’t know that Marathon incleded Pali Hill? Also, how’d you catch the African contingent? You’d expect them to be right in front

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