10 things the Bandra Worli Sea Link will be used for

Now that the pre-launch euphoria has ended and the post-launch
euphoria has begun, let us take stock of this behemoth of a structure.
Here are my 10 things for the BWSL or what I call – ‘The Linker’.

 1. Mumbai Darshan. This ones an obvious one with the making sure this
is a tourist attraction thanks to it being a national landmark. Look
out when your cousins next come to town and ask you to show them The

 2. Political leverage. Well, we are already seeing parties having
issues with the name. Come on, get a life! But the Congress is lucky
to still be in term while The Linker was opened. No wonder with the
elections coming up they opened atleast half of it.

 3. Posters. It is that pretty isnt it? The gorgeous Linker.

 4. Drag races. Come on! This ones easy. Cant you see it? Its long,
straight, smooth, pretty and on the sea, what more does a racer need?
This one I would love to see.

 5. Income for cops. Inspite of all the speed cameras and speed guns,
how can you not floor it beyond 50 (limit will change to 75 later)?
Its all green for cops.

 6. Movies. This one you saw coming. Maybe a movie about drag races on
The Linker.

 7. Ads. This ones easier. Look out for the next few car and bike ads.
They dont need to go abroad anymore.

 8. Artists. Paintings of The Linker against a setting sun anyone?

 9. Suicides. This is the most common use that bridges the world over
have been put to. And dying on The Linker? B E A Utiful!

 10. Wedding. Lets wait and watch how long this one actually takes. You
two will probably be alone and behind bars by the time you are in holy

 So there you have it. 10 brilliant ideas if The Linker doesnt end up
easing traffic and as a result is refused to be used for its original

 P.S. This is another blog post from Powai 🙂


4 thoughts on “10 things the Bandra Worli Sea Link will be used for

  1. Phani says:

    Nice. Well, 2 is certain. 7, I’m not sure if they’d let an ad-shoot with such traffic on it.

  2. Aditya Kandala says:

    Thanks.hmm. they will do it in the night with the 10,000 KVs of electricity

  3. Aviraj Saluja says:

    Legal drag races are out of the question since there’s no place for spectators. But late-night underground drags will be guaranteed. And awesome.

  4. Aditya Kandala says:

    @Phani http://is.gd/1ne8R 🙂

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