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Trailer of SENNA – The Movie

I cannot wait to watch this movie!

Epic movie for an Epic Driver! *Respect*


Inception + Up! trailers mashup

The credit to the link AND the line below goes to my friend Aviraj Saluja.

Holy mother of EPICNESS!!


Puma on Valentine’s Day

Puma has started a new campaign called Love = Football. I really like this idea, even though it is restricted to football only for the brand. 

The above ad was made for Valentine’s Day and I think it is really well made and executed.


An ad by Google

This is the Google ad which was screened during the 2010 Super Bowl. To the uninitiated, Super Bowl has long been the event that everyone looks forward to not only for the ‘Football’ but also for the awesome commercials showcased during the quarter breaks.

Some of the best and most extravagant commercials have been launched during the Super Bowl. I really like this one by Google. You can see all of this year’s Super Bowl ads here.

What do you think? Do they need to spend so much (the most expensive ad slots in the world) to advertise their search engine?


Everything is Amazing & still Nobody is Happy

This is one of the funniest videos I have seen in a loooong time!

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Thums Up ad

I really like this ad. The execution is actually quite awesome with Akshay Kumar brilliant as usual. This is actually a follow up to earlier Thums Up ads where Akshay goes behind a bottle of the drink.

Only one qualm I have with this ad: it would have been better if they would run the car part and him entering the house part seperately. I think it would have created a bigger impact. I love the way people react looking at his car falling apart and in the second part where Akshay non-chalantly taps away a flame on his shoulder.

Nice concept!


New Fevicol ad

This is the new Fevicol ad made by O&M to celebrate 50 years of Fevicol, actually Pidilite.

They actually started off the campaign by putting up hoardings and print ads about the world’s shortest feature film titled ‘Moochwali’. The ‘movie’ premiered on multiple GECs simultaneously.

I once posted an ad I had made for a project of mine, which focused on the need for increase in the branding of Pidilite rather than Fevicol. And it seems they are doing something on those lines.

Good one I say.


Marketing the Porsche Panamera

So, what if you are one of the iconic brands of all time having produced products that have become objects of craving and all of a sudden you make something that seems quite hard to sell.

Now imagine this brand to be Porsche. Yup, even they can come out with a stinker of a car which is not exactly a dream to sell. The car I am talking about is the Porsche Panamera. It is by far the ugliest looking sports car I have ever seen! And it will take a considerable amount of booze for any designer to beat that in the ugly scale in the future.

So what does Porsche do? They turn to the marketing department and plead! The marketing department then try to figure out a way to make people feel that the Panamera IS actually a Porsche and it has been made the way it is, for a reason. So in comes its positioning as the first thoroughbred four-seater sports car.

The next step is to drill this positioning statement – Four, uncompromised – into the customer’s head. And for this purpose, they have come out with an absolutely brilliant creative!

What do you have as your resource if you are Porsche? What will convince the customer about this being a Porsche? Maybe showing a FEW of the older path-breaking Porshces will do the trick? Just to be on the safer side, lets say, we show ALL of the 50 Porsche models ever made – together! Sounds great!

So off they went and gathered around every Porsche they could find and made something like a teaser first.

So it sounds and looks quite exciting, the prospect of seeing the finished product. Before you go ahead and see the finished ad below, I want you to think about the problem Porsche is facing marketing this ugly car again. You know they are serious when they are putting the weight and reputation of no less than 50 cars behind just one new car. They are pretty desperate!

The concept of the family tree is quite brilliant and so is the execution. However they could have done without the gimmicky CG animation. At times the ad looks like a computer game. But overall a good strategy to market what seems like an adopted child as one of their own.

Tell me what you think!