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The Girl Paradox

A few months back I had posted a picture which showed the ‘Boy Paradox’. And now look what I found!

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Pirated DVD vs. Legal DVD


I am in no way trying to promote piracy 😛

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Most creative logos from 2009

We have learnt a lot in theory about what a logo is and how it is important. One can go into further detail of designing a logo and what aspects of a logo are important and vital to attract maximum attention. 

Below are a few of the most creative logos from 2009 compiled by CreativeFan. You have to view their full list of 20 logos! Just click here.


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Where do you sit in class?


So, where do you sit in class?

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Creative ads on stairs


I have often posted about creative advertisements from across the internet. Here is one more. This time they are showing off their creativity on stairs!

My favorite is the Jeep ad.


Which is the ideal position to use a laptop?


Chances are, if you are a laptop user, you have at some point or the other wondered which position is the most ideal to use your laptop in.

Well, the picture below is arrived at after some research by some scientists from somewhere, after testing some people. The thing is though, it does not really take into account the heat generated by the laptop which can be quite a lot after some time.  And also, most of these positions are comfortable only when you have a relatively light weight laptop.

So be careful the next time you are using your laptop. 🙂