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What I think about when I am running


He feels lonely. There are too many people around him. None, to give him company. He doesn’t think. Music drives him as strangers egg him on. A sea of people and a cacaphony of noise. He thinks. All he wants is the next step, all he needs is the next breath. He IS lonely. And he loves it.



Christmas wishlist 2011

I know I am late and there is no time to fulfill the below wishlist, but I have to live upto my long standing tradition spanning one year. So, here goes nothing.

  1. Ferrari 458 Italia (yes, it’s a repeat, but I never got it last year)
  2. Samsung Galaxy Nexus (What? It’s an upgrade!)
  3. Fiat 500 Abarth Edition
  4. Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle
  5. A house at Marine Drive
  6. A lap of the Top Gear test track
  7. Tickets to the UEFA Champions League finals in Berlin
  8. A trip to Leh
  9. A Kindle Touch 3G
  10. A much much better 2012

Merry Christmas!! ­čÖé

The wedding season

The wedding season in Bombay comes with the advent of Winter and leaves as Spring sprouts new leaves. There are multiple reasons for this being the wedding season. The weather being the most important one. Who wants a humid Summer wedding or a mucky Monsoon one? This results in thousands of weddings being cramped within the 3 months of non-existent winter in the city. This is complicated further by the requirement of stars being suitably aligned. Leaving remarkably few days for the cities banquet halls to host the blingy and expensive weddings.

If one happens to be in the age bracket of 25-30 (which all of us invariably and unavoidably will be in, someday), the number of people you know who are getting married in a given year, is equivalent to the number of the auspicious days in the given wedding season. This however applies to the social outcasts. Usually, for an average social being in this city, the number of people they know getting married is many more than the number of days. This situation is only salvaged by the fact that this is Bombay and one does not feel the need to invite people to weddings just for formality. Hence, the average Mr/Ms X receives just the right number of invitations to manage to eat out on all those days when the stars are favourably aligned. This, is the good part.

The bad part is, quite a few of these weddings happen to be within a particular circle. Hence, you end up going with invariably the same people. This gives rise to the most annoying problem. Yes, you guessed it. 'What to wear to the wedding?' This was not what you guessed? Well, better luck next time. One cannot be seen wearing the same set of clothes repeatedly! And with the obsession of posting wedding pictures on Facebook before the couple consummates their marriage, you are bound to be caught if you do.

Guys especially have a hard time. I mean, how many different 'wedding type' shirts can one buy? Additionally, Bombay winters and social norms don't really allow us to wear jackets to weddings either. 

I am attending 3 weddings this week. I am petrified!

Brilliant Steve Jobs quote poster

Absolutely beautifully made poster by Brightwurks.

You have heard the quote, seen the ad and read it again and again. Print this one out. Hang it.




Another 21.097 kms ran. Another Half Marathon completed. Loved running in Delhi this Sunday. The weather was nice, the crowd was kicked and it was all Delhi!

Beautiful feeling to run around the India Gate and the wide and pimple free roads of Delhi. 

Have never actually thought of putting up pictures of me running before, but here goes nothing.

Here are some pictures from the Thane Half Marathon held in February this year.


And pictures from the Delhi Half Marathon. Kindly note the tattoo ­čśÇ *blush*


Next up is the Mumbai Marathon in January. Another 21.097 ­čÖé


Even tattoos fade

I look and my mind springs up a rhetoric,
The kind of look that results in a smile,
The kind of smile that makes you feel euphoric,
I think it has been a while.

I talk, as if I am the talkative one,
The kind of talk that stretches away the miles,
The kind of mile that is used as a pun,
Trust me dude, it has been a while.

I hug, to say everything I cannot,
The kind of hug that I am told is only mine,
The kind of hug that ties friends in a knot,
Remember? No? Well, it really has been a while.

Together till death do us apart all say,
The kind of death that occurs when agony piles,
The kind of agony that makes a tattoo fade away,
Haha! Finally you know it has been a while.


I have always wished I lived in the time when all the great inventions were made. The ones we read in our science text books. It would be so fascinating to exist at a time when the telephone was invented. Yesterday there was nothing, today we have something that will change the world forever. It is just fascinating to see or experience something being created out of nothing. 

To me, every artist is the same. They are not artists, they are creators. Every musician. Every sculptor. Every writer. All they have is their imagination and vision. And just out of nothing, they create something breathtaking. Something so beautiful, it changes the course of lives. Lives of the creator and of those that have been touched by their creations. These are people with raw God given talent to create so called magic. In the way every piece of art, statue, music or poem begins slowly but surely and with every stroke, strike, note or word it lilts its way towards a magnificent crescendo and ends with a final swoosh of the brush, chisel or pen of the creator, it makes you feel as greedy as a man in an orgy. At the same time, it leaves you with a sense of understated achievement. A feeling that at some level, you have managed to understand the creator. For those few minutes that you are looking at a painting or a statue or listening to a piece of music, the art belongs to you. No one can take it away from you. No one else knows what it means to you. And it stays with you, forever. 

I wish I was as gifted. Enough to create magic out of nothing. I have been told the closest I have to having a talent is with my writing. I will believe it the day I write something that changes a life. Till then, I will keep trying.

Blog Enhancement

I started blogging way back in 2006. At that time it was just a way to express my ideas in words. Also, it did help that my words were quite appreciated.

My blog has always been an important place for me. I assumed it as something that represents me. And I always wanted to make it better. I never actually wrote to increase traffic or wrote about things that everyone else is writing about just to conform. My blog is my personal space which in time has been appreciated and I thank each and everyone who has come across it.

Apart from just writing, there were a couple of things I always wanted to try through my blog. The first one was Blog With Me. I was pursuing my MBA at that time and had a lot of people around me who appreciated my writing. I just wanted to communicate the fact that it isn’t as hard as it looks, and if you try, you will be good at it as well. This idea didn’t quite work as well as I would have liked it to. Requests to people requesting them to write for me turned into persuasion and finally begging. Promises were given but never kept. I guess I should have planned it better. 

Moving on, there was one more aspect I wanted to add to my blog. Images. It gives any write-up a more wholesome appeal to it. But, I wanted to do it differently. So I have been trying to persuade some of my more talented friends to ‘make’ these images for me. Time is a constraint and I have nothing to give in return. Finally, one person took on the challenge and risked her reputation and time for it. 

She is an extremely talented and creative lady. I will not say anything more about her; what she does, what she has done and what she intends to do. None of this is important for now. She will be adding more visual appeal to my blog. New posts will mostly have her stamp on them, and some of the old posts might also be updated. A huge thanks!

I am extremely excited about this enhancement and sure hope she gets as much out of this as me and the people reading. 

Starting next post, she will make her presence felt. Show her some love. ­čÖé

Geek culture [infographic]


Long Live Geeks!


Compass Box

I find this term really, really fascinating. Compass Box. 

It is an absolutely childish term. I for one, cannot ever imagine a grown up using this term regularly. And I really love the way it rolls out of your mouth. I mean, not YOUR mouth. I guess you got what I mean. Apart from how it sounds, it is one of the few terms which directly transports you to only one undisputed place – School. Back in school when all of us used to look the same. Same uniform, same shoes for all. It was so difficult to stand out. My school did not allow the girls to wear any kind of jewelry as well. 

All that we had to show a difference were our bags, and, our Compass Box. Of course, back then, there were no exposure to famous football clubs, or IPL teams. There were your usual Superheroes and the popular (and now classic) Cartoon Characters. So bags in short had limited options. So, it all boiled down to the Compass Box. 

Girls had these neatly kept simple boxes, with appropriate number of pens and pencils with erasers and sharpeners. Boys however, were spoilt for choice. From the usual and the original Geometry Set Box (which actually held a compass), to plain plastic boxes, to the ones which were ‘branded’ pouches. However, the ones which never failed to impress were the ones which were robotic. I kid you not! These were EPIC in the truest sense of the word. They had buttons which made the box look like Swiss Army Knives shooting out erasers and sharpeners. It was almost pornographic with the amount of ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ it used to demand from its audience. It was like the only way one could actually get a toy to school and play with it. It was a rocket launcher, a battleship, a launchpad, an airport and anything a boy wanted it to be.

I know I have rattled on quite a bit about something as simple as a Compass Box, but come on! After all, it is about our Compass Box!

So, how was yours?