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Seth’s Blog: The circles (no more strangers)


Sometimes I LOVE the way Seth Godin puts things across. Most of the things he blogs about are not at all path-breaking. It just can’t be considering he averages more than one post a day! But just the way he puts across things that are taken for granted is what he is all about. You should read this post if you are remotely attached to marketing or sales.

How to start a movement

This is for all the budding leaders and entrepreneurs. How do you make people believe in your idea? How do you make people follow you? How do you create a movement that will eventually snowball? Excellently explained!

Hat tip: Guy Kawasaki

Great Poster Designs

In the past two years of my MBA, there have been various occasions where the need for designing a poster has come up. I have seen some people do this with real ease and others like me struggle to even come up with a good design concept.

Here are some great poster designs. They range from the design intense to the real simple (OIL) ones. Great concepts and really creative designs. The full list of 30 posters at CreativeFan surely deserves a dekko!


Celebrity OD!

It is quite known that celebrities help sell stuff all over the world. Well, they are celebrities after all.

Quite a few brands, especially Consumer Durable brands have used a liberal dose of celebrities. However, what has caught my eye of late is LG trying something weird. They have hired Akshay Kumar (who at the same time is also endorsing Micromax mobile phones!) to launch their 3D TVs. At the same time, they have also got John Abraham, Abhay Deol and Genelia D'Souza to endorse the LG Cookie. I don't get the sense in putting all these three celebrities in one single ad of average quality.

The plot of the ad is basically 3 friends who are just fooling around with each other. Firstly, it is quite difficult for me to think of John Abraham, Abhay Deol and Genilia D'Souza as good friends! They are not even in the same league as far as movies are concerned and none of them even do the same genre of movies! I don't really follow the tabloids, but I doubt they are pals in real life as well.

If this is not a case of Celebrity OD then I don't know what is!

Audi trying to ‘Break the Spell’

This is one of the most well made car commercials I have seen in recent times. I love the way it is attacking all the marquee and established manufacturers at the same time. This ad is made for the US market where Audi appears to be the underdog; and everyone loves the underdog.

Audi is trying to position itself as the rebel which offers all the choices that their competitors are offering under one brand and without the stereotype. It basically is telling people that you are doing nothing but conforming to stereotypes if you drive the other cars; and this would reflect directly in the statement you are trying to make about yourself. As I said in my last post, it is all about making a statement.

This commercial is an excellent example of how one can throw an open challenge to the established players in a cluttered market and try to change the thinking of the consumers to force them to choose your brand.

Finally, I love the way the R8 pulls up in the street for the kid to drool at. I just wish it was not silver! 😉

Run Mumbai Run!

I finally got my running number (14330) bib from WTC today. Yes, I am still running the half marathon. Although I did not write anything in terms of updates on my preparation for race day after the first post, I have somewhat done some training in the past week and more (ya, I know it is not enough). Anyway, the bib collection counter was at WTC (Cuffe Parade) at the Get Activ Expo. I had no clue what this was going to be. 

I went there half expecting to see just a few counters handing out the bib and my goodie bag :). However, it was a whole marketing machine at work there. The Expo was an entire hall at the WTC and all the sponsors had their own stall. The bib collection stall was at the absolute corner to make sure you pass each and every stall on your way to collect your bib. The bib collection itself took a couple of minutes and then later I was directed to get my time chip verified and collect my goodie bag. I did not stop at any of the stalls as all of them were a bit crowded. There were quite a few deals on running equipment by Nike, Reebok and the event sponsor Basic.

Coming to the goodie bag. Every year SCMM gives away goodie bags to all the participants when they collect their bibs. This goodie bag contains all sorts of stuff that a health conscious or a self conscious person would require for their daily needs. This year, the goodie bag is bigger than ever with goodies worth Rs. 450! So, effectively, you can pay Rs. 300 as entry fee for the Dream Run and get goodies worth 450! I however have paid Rs. 500 for my half marathon.

This is a very nice way of giving away free samples. You as a marketer are assured that the person getting your sample is someone who can spend a minimum of Rs. 300 on what is basically a pleasure activity. In a country like India, I doubt there is a better way of distributing free samples. Also, you are assured that a minimum of at least 75% of the participants are those who care about their health. The target is acquired. Apparently, Marico and HUL have spent around Rs. 14 and Rs. 27 lakh each with Piramal Healthcare spending a massive Rs. 50 lakhs on free samples. Only time will tell if it is really worth the money spent for the brands. My money spent however is totally worth it 🙂

The following are the items that I found in my goodie bag:

1 Packet of Aliva Crackers (Classic Salted) worth Rs. 12
1 Water Bottle sponsored by Kingfisher
1 Trial-pack of Sugar-Free Gold
1 30 gm trial-pack of Quaker Oats (Strawberry)
1 20 gm pack of Kuber namkeen worth Rs. 5
2 Nasal strips from Breathe Right
1 15 gm pack of Hippo chips (thai chilli) worth Rs. 5
1 20 gm pack of Bingo Mad Angles (Achaari Masti) worth Rs. 5
2 Sample sachets of Volini Gel
1 100 ml bottle of Clear Anti-dandruff shampoo worth Rs. 69
1 400 ml bottle of Minute Maid worth Rs. 20 (with a free Kitkat worth Rs. 5)
5 Mint-o Gol Mint Chew worth Rs. 2.50
1 Sunfeast Marielite worth Rs. 5
1 bar of Nature Valley's Cruncy Granola (Oats and Honey) worth Rs. 15
1 RitBite nutrition bar (Merry Berry) worth Rs. 15
1 Parachute Advansed aftershower gel worth Rs. 35
1 Lacto Calamine Classic worth Rs. 11
1 Lacto Calamine Aloe Moisturiser worth Rs. 32
1 Sample sachet of Nivea for Men Moisturiser
1 Dabur Gulabari gulab jal worth Rs. 12
1 Pack (8 capsules) of Supractive Complete energy supplements from Piramal Healthcare
1 Fridge magnet from Standard Chartered telling me to get my eyes checked
4 Information leaflets. One each from Quaker Oats, Lacto Calamine, RiteBite and Nature Valley

So, on to tomorrow when I attempt to complete my 21 KMs. Yes, that is all that I am trying to do, complete it.

Most creative logos from 2009

We have learnt a lot in theory about what a logo is and how it is important. One can go into further detail of designing a logo and what aspects of a logo are important and vital to attract maximum attention. 

Below are a few of the most creative logos from 2009 compiled by CreativeFan. You have to view their full list of 20 logos! Just click here.


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Marketing the Porsche Panamera

So, what if you are one of the iconic brands of all time having produced products that have become objects of craving and all of a sudden you make something that seems quite hard to sell.

Now imagine this brand to be Porsche. Yup, even they can come out with a stinker of a car which is not exactly a dream to sell. The car I am talking about is the Porsche Panamera. It is by far the ugliest looking sports car I have ever seen! And it will take a considerable amount of booze for any designer to beat that in the ugly scale in the future.

So what does Porsche do? They turn to the marketing department and plead! The marketing department then try to figure out a way to make people feel that the Panamera IS actually a Porsche and it has been made the way it is, for a reason. So in comes its positioning as the first thoroughbred four-seater sports car.

The next step is to drill this positioning statement – Four, uncompromised – into the customer’s head. And for this purpose, they have come out with an absolutely brilliant creative!

What do you have as your resource if you are Porsche? What will convince the customer about this being a Porsche? Maybe showing a FEW of the older path-breaking Porshces will do the trick? Just to be on the safer side, lets say, we show ALL of the 50 Porsche models ever made – together! Sounds great!

So off they went and gathered around every Porsche they could find and made something like a teaser first.

So it sounds and looks quite exciting, the prospect of seeing the finished product. Before you go ahead and see the finished ad below, I want you to think about the problem Porsche is facing marketing this ugly car again. You know they are serious when they are putting the weight and reputation of no less than 50 cars behind just one new car. They are pretty desperate!

The concept of the family tree is quite brilliant and so is the execution. However they could have done without the gimmicky CG animation. At times the ad looks like a computer game. But overall a good strategy to market what seems like an adopted child as one of their own.

Tell me what you think!


Red Bull did what Mallya should have

Right from the launch of Force India F1 at the Gateway of India, I was expecting Mallya to get one of their cars to India and show it in action here. This expectation increased after the Bandra Worli Sea Link was built. Not only would this have been a tremendous PR exercise for Force India before the Indian GP in 2011, but he could have painted the town in the colours of Kingfisher!

But Red Bull took the first step and a huge advantage by showcasing their might in F1. A good year for them with Vettel doing very well in the Championship and they chose the right moment.

Come on Dr. Mallya, you are shrewder than this! Now you can maybe get one of the cricketers from your team to drive your car to get one up on Red Bull 😛

Careers in Marketing

Following is a general and broad list of careers one can have in the field of Marketing. (Courtesy Prof. Ramki who is an MMS marketing faculty in SIMSR and BMS marketing faculty in colleges like Jai Hind, HR, etc.)

For obvious reasons, I would refrain from putting anything in detail and just put the list here. For more details, you can try and contact him as he provides guidance in this field.

So here goes:

  1. Sales
  2. Distribution
  3. MR
  4. Advertising
  5. Brand Management
  6. Retail
  7. Logistics & Supply Chain
  8. CRM
  9. FMCG
  10. Consumer Durables
  11. B2B
  12. Banking & Insurance
  13. Airlines
  14. Hotel
  15. Travel & Tourism
  16. Telecom
  17. PR
  18. Event Management
  19. Media Management
  20. Data Analytics
  21. Marketing Consultancy
  22. Entertainment
  23. Marketing Finance

There is a lot more to it than this list of course. Details like the type of jobs and skills required.

So, hope this helps you in some way.

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