Hong Kong Diary


Since the time I have come to Hong Kong (8 days back), I have been planning to write down everything I see here or experience here. But either I didn't find the time or the inclination.

What I am going to do, is keep writing separate posts about things Hong Kong. This will hopefully cover all my thoughts and also help me get over my guilt for not writing much about my first trip abroad.

First up, I LOVE this place. As a city, it has most of the important bases covered; great food, good people, decent weather (relative to where I come from), great transportation system, Wifi through most of the city and some awesome cars. Some of the things that work against it are the expense of living here, the surprising lack of recreational options except shopping and the crowd, the quantity. Given the fact that Hong Kong is a 'World City', what works against it is that it is after all an island with limited land mass. They have solved this problem by building insanely tall and efficient apartment buildings, however, when all the people decide to get out of their homes and be on the street, all hell breaks loose. But I guess one gets used to it.

This is kind of all that I have time for right now, but I do hope to cover the shopping (will require a separate blog by itself), the people, the food, the experience and much more in my future logs. Also, more pictures hopefully. Will tick each one off as I get to them eventually.


One thought on “Hong Kong Diary

  1. Aldon says:

    Kaminey tu Hong Kong kab pahuncha??

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