The wedding season

The wedding season in Bombay comes with the advent of Winter and leaves as Spring sprouts new leaves. There are multiple reasons for this being the wedding season. The weather being the most important one. Who wants a humid Summer wedding or a mucky Monsoon one? This results in thousands of weddings being cramped within the 3 months of non-existent winter in the city. This is complicated further by the requirement of stars being suitably aligned. Leaving remarkably few days for the cities banquet halls to host the blingy and expensive weddings.

If one happens to be in the age bracket of 25-30 (which all of us invariably and unavoidably will be in, someday), the number of people you know who are getting married in a given year, is equivalent to the number of the auspicious days in the given wedding season. This however applies to the social outcasts. Usually, for an average social being in this city, the number of people they know getting married is many more than the number of days. This situation is only salvaged by the fact that this is Bombay and one does not feel the need to invite people to weddings just for formality. Hence, the average Mr/Ms X receives just the right number of invitations to manage to eat out on all those days when the stars are favourably aligned. This, is the good part.

The bad part is, quite a few of these weddings happen to be within a particular circle. Hence, you end up going with invariably the same people. This gives rise to the most annoying problem. Yes, you guessed it. 'What to wear to the wedding?' This was not what you guessed? Well, better luck next time. One cannot be seen wearing the same set of clothes repeatedly! And with the obsession of posting wedding pictures on Facebook before the couple consummates their marriage, you are bound to be caught if you do.

Guys especially have a hard time. I mean, how many different 'wedding type' shirts can one buy? Additionally, Bombay winters and social norms don't really allow us to wear jackets to weddings either. 

I am attending 3 weddings this week. I am petrified!

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