Blog Enhancement

I started blogging way back in 2006. At that time it was just a way to express my ideas in words. Also, it did help that my words were quite appreciated.

My blog has always been an important place for me. I assumed it as something that represents me. And I always wanted to make it better. I never actually wrote to increase traffic or wrote about things that everyone else is writing about just to conform. My blog is my personal space which in time has been appreciated and I thank each and everyone who has come across it.

Apart from just writing, there were a couple of things I always wanted to try through my blog. The first one was Blog With Me. I was pursuing my MBA at that time and had a lot of people around me who appreciated my writing. I just wanted to communicate the fact that it isn’t as hard as it looks, and if you try, you will be good at it as well. This idea didn’t quite work as well as I would have liked it to. Requests to people requesting them to write for me turned into persuasion and finally begging. Promises were given but never kept. I guess I should have planned it better. 

Moving on, there was one more aspect I wanted to add to my blog. Images. It gives any write-up a more wholesome appeal to it. But, I wanted to do it differently. So I have been trying to persuade some of my more talented friends to ‘make’ these images for me. Time is a constraint and I have nothing to give in return. Finally, one person took on the challenge and risked her reputation and time for it. 

She is an extremely talented and creative lady. I will not say anything more about her; what she does, what she has done and what she intends to do. None of this is important for now. She will be adding more visual appeal to my blog. New posts will mostly have her stamp on them, and some of the old posts might also be updated. A huge thanks!

I am extremely excited about this enhancement and sure hope she gets as much out of this as me and the people reading. 

Starting next post, she will make her presence felt. Show her some love. 🙂

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