That day…

I wake up at 9 AM. I am already late. Try to set a new record in getting ready. Trying to beat the record I set yesterday.

I am ready. It is 9.30 AM. The professor would be getting ready to enter the class now, as I leave my home and run towards my bike. 

I try to find the shortest and straightest route possible. Quite difficult considering the route I take everyday really is the shortest and the straightest.

I keep looking at the time on my bike’s display, by now knowing which part of my journey cost me a minute and which part saved me one. I reach the campus and park my bike; wishing the parking was right outside my class!

I take an entire 2 minutes to decide if it is appropriate to enter or not. A couple more come along who believe it is their right to enter regardless. So I try to blend in and slyly make my way to the nearest vacant seat. The class ends.

I go near the canteen and try to spot as many people I know as possible. I know this is going to end soon. I go up to the third floor and enter my workplace. I go back down and attend more classes.

Once classes end, I go to work. Try to do what is possible, with my friends, right there in that room. We fight, yell, scream, laugh and play catch.

The sun changes color and the sky disappears soon after. I am still there. We are still there. I go back down, meet more people. Try to find out who is going where for dinner. Make a decision based on what combination of people and food suit me the most that day and tag along. It has normally got more to do with people.

With tummy half-full, I come back with them to the hostel. Stay till we hear the guard whistle. Say our byes and start walking in opposite directions.

As I make that lonesome walk, to where my bike is parked, all I think of is that I will soon not be lucky enough to say goodbye to friends everyday. Hop on my bike and take a relatively leisurely ride home. 

Reach home and fill up my tummy. Switch on my laptop and see all my friends yet again. All of them present, as mere names on my screen. All I think of is that I will soon not be lucky enough to see this screen full of friends again.

It is now 3.30 AM. I blink off to sleep, knowing very well that I have to set new records once I wake up. 

That day……..was everyday.
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5 thoughts on “That day…

  1. Sonia Arora says:


  2. viral charla says:

    awesome work… very interesting

  3. viral charla says:

    awesome work.. very interesting. 🙂

  4. megha says:

    made me nostalgic… 🙂

  5. shwets says:

    Ah!! what days…

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