I wish I was a….

Remember all the essays we used to write back in school? I am talking about the ones in Hindi or Marathi. The autobiographies.

No no, these were not autobiographies of famous people. Far from it! These were autobiographies of objects. Inanimate ones. I think it was a brilliant way to test our imagination and the extent to which we can push our vocabulary. After all we pretended to be an umbrella, a coin, a worn out shoe, a torn note and many more things. However, most of us just read a bunch of these from books and reproduced them in the papers. I guess it did help somehow nevertheless.

Moving on, I am all of a sudden got this urge to write those kinds of essays again. Obviously it has a lot to do with my curiosity. And this time it will not be like a day in the life of a coin or a shoe. It will be about how I wish I was a coin or a shoe and why. So from now on I will be writing some of these posts. Let me see where this leads me to.

One thought on “I wish I was a….

  1. Aarti says:

    Looking forward to reading them!

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