Happy Year of the Tiger

It is the Year of the Tiger and these pictures are of the celebrations in China. Environmentalists think this is the perfect year to get some attention to the problem of reducing number of tigers in the wild around the world. 

To watch all the amazing pictures of the celebrations, click here.


3 thoughts on “Happy Year of the Tiger

  1. Aviraj Saluja says:

    Man I NEED to become a photographer.

  2. Ranjit Pai says:

    Awesome photos ..

  3. Kareena says:

    Ironically, China is is the biggest threat to tigers — there are as few as 20 tigers in the wild in China. The Chinese appetite for tiger parts — tiger bones, paws, skin and other parts used to make wines etc…is huge and only rising. Bans work just as well as they ought to…

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