BWM: Zukism

Series #1;Vol #1


Zuk and his pal Zak are sitting on a branch of a tree and chatting.

Zuk: “Once an egg.. always an egg… well not literally.. because an egg was once a zygote and, if lucky, would once be chicken, and if more lucky, would be egg-curry!!

My point is that people seldom change.. or atleast we tend to think so. I don’t remember the last time I changed my first impression about someone. The irony here is that there can only be one first impression while it is the most lasting one!!”

Zak: And there goes a flop one!! When would you learn to make funny jokes?

Zuk: I am trying to draw a hypothesis here…

Zak: Oh well.. I still remember your last one on boys and their temptation to all harmful things..

Zuk: Yeah mate.. I was damn sure right.. boys seem to get most tempted to things that harm them like smoke, alcohol, rash driving, physical fights, etc

Zak: Bang on man! That explains why they are most tempted to girls !! 😛



About the author: Sana Khan is an MBA (Finance) student at SIMSR and a dear friend. A thorough professional and intellectual person, her style of writing is absolutely entertaining. This post is a part of a series that she has planned for the character Zuk. You can read more about it here.


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