An ad by Google

This is the Google ad which was screened during the 2010 Super Bowl. To the uninitiated, Super Bowl has long been the event that everyone looks forward to not only for the ‘Football’ but also for the awesome commercials showcased during the quarter breaks.

Some of the best and most extravagant commercials have been launched during the Super Bowl. I really like this one by Google. You can see all of this year’s Super Bowl ads here.

What do you think? Do they need to spend so much (the most expensive ad slots in the world) to advertise their search engine?


2 thoughts on “An ad by Google

  1. Aviraj Saluja says:

    If anyone can really afford a Super Bowl ad slot, it’s Google. Plus it’s a nice ad. May not have much to do with promoting search — just a branding move, I guess?

  2. Aditya Kandala says:

    Well, ya they can afford it. But, a Google search engine ad in the US. I would rather have seen an ad where they try and link all of their products. Or an ad showing what they have in their labs, something similar to Intel I guess.But this ad is good nevertheless.

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