Blog with me.

Dear Friends,

It delights me to know that quite a few of my friends read my blog. So, it means one of my friends is reading it right now. So, I will make this post in second person (you being the second person). 

The thing is, I like writing. I think it is one of the easiest things one can do and get appreciation for just being true and simple. I have encouraged quite a few people to blog and a few of them actually started. Most of them then stopped after their first post. To all of them, I request you to please begin again. Just write; then post.

I want to go a step further and tell all of those who have never blogged, to start. I know you are apprehensive about doing it. But start.

I have been quite inspired by the3six5. It is a blog which is attempting to give 365 different point of views in the year 2010. It invites bloggers from across the globe to submit a post about a day in their life. 365 days, 365 points of view. I really like this idea. And I want to attempt something using this idea.

I invite all of my readers – each and everyone of you – to write a post, for my blog. You can write about anything you want to and mail it across to me. I will post it on my blog, anonymous and unedited, regardless of the topic. Once posted, I would want all the other readers to comment with their honest views on the post (this will encourage the author). The name of the author need not be revealed till the author wants to. This is primarily to encourage those who are apprehensive about what or how they have written. 

A second reason for doing this is: I have a lot of friends who are fellow bloggers. I like the way they write and each one of them has their own way of writing. I would absolutely love it if they could write a post for my blog. It would be kind of an honour for me. 

I do not know if this is going to work. I do not know if you will take this seriously and actually submit a post. I would be delighted if each and every person who reads this post mails me something. Even a paragraph would be just awesome. 

With Love,

Aditya Kandala.

P.S. Mail me: mail(at the rate)adityakandala(dot)com. (Please do, I doubt I have ever wanted anything else to work as much as this before :))

7 thoughts on “Blog with me.

  1. Mohan doshi says:

    who says people are liking you blog. I am hating this blog

  2. Dude,i appreciate the way you trying to inspire Mango ppl like us to write and start blogging.keep the good work going.. i still need more motivation. lolz

  3. Jinesh says:

    I will write something by this weekend for sure…

  4. Vikash Singh says:

    Sounds great! Wud luv to scribble on ur space 😉

  5. viral charla says:

    i really like ur post.. i have made an account on blogger bt havent posted anything till yet.. bt ur post has certainly motivated me to write.. i hope i ll do it very soon

  6. Aditya Kandala says:

    @Vikas: You are going to write for me once@Jinesh & Vikash: Looking forward@Viral: Blog with me dude!

  7. dinesh adnani says:

    Blogging is something that never really excited me, i remember writing some really cheezy blogs – i subsequently deleted those for obvious reasons. I’ll start doing it when i’m upto something really big. As of now there is nothing much to write about, other than the books that i’ve read recently – Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell & Against The Gods by Peter Bernstein. Both are amazing books (especially the one by Peter Bernstein), i enthusiastically recommend these two books!Well i also wanna share some interesting trivias on weight loss & fitness (having lost 36 kgs myself), i think i’ll do that someday. Good luck with your blog, i’ll let you know when i start my own.

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