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Using FB to create awareness

So today was a field day for anyone and everyone on Facebook! What with someone starting a meme about creating awareness for breast cancer.

I personally do not have any problem with this. It was quite a lot of fun while it lasted. But, I do not know how much this helped create awareness amongst the educated females between the age of 15 and 40 who usually use facebook regularly who are already supposed to know. I just hope it helped the cause more than it helped the guys. Not a bad idea for sure.

In fact, I would like to take this idea further and create awareness of a more serious problem. This might not kill a lot of people, but it can sure cause a lot of pain in the ass – quite literally. I am talking about digestive problems. So, all guys will now post the last thing that they ate or are currently eating as their FB status.

I know you would be saying that I am trying to make a joke out of a serious effort to create some awareness for a serious illness. But, am I not also creating awareness by making fun of it. If awareness is all that needs to be created, then this surely could have been executed in a better way! Instead of just telling people about the color of your undergarment, why not also post a link to a site which talks about breast cancer? I mean, it takes a lot of effort to post the color of your undergarment to your 300 odd friends. It is a personal thing of course. But now that people have done it, why be so discreet about the whole thing? I think everyone should have posted nothing but ‘Breast Cancer’ with a link! It is much less fun, but it surely will work better!

Ohh and finally, here is my effort to create awareness. Visit this link to know more about this serious illness. You don’t need to disclose anything to me.

Riding the 108-km-long wave of NYE

"So what you doing?"

This is the most asked question in the last week of every year. Everyone is trying to make plans and trying to make sure they are doing something. But, everyone is also running out of ideas and they want to do something with most of their friends around. The trouble with this is however, that most of their friends also have been asked the same question and even they want to do something with most of their friends. This creates a problem.

As is usually the case with everyone, you will also have different sets of friends. And you friends will have their own different sets of friends. And so on and so forth. Now, some people prefer one particular set over another, and some people particular people from each set over the entire lot. So it becomes difficult to make a NYE plan which involve all your close friends, friends who matter, friends who have brought any amount of happiness in your life. The problem is compounded by the fact that each of these particular friend would have their own set of plans with their special people. After all, you cannot figure in all of those plans!

A few days back, as I was on my way home from college on my bike, I was loving the weather. It was cold already and there was a steady cross-wind blowing, making it an even colder night. That is when I thought that I should ride my bike in this weather just for the heck of it. Why not go for a ride somewhere? But with placements and all, it seemed quite impossible right now. That is when the idea hit me.

So come NYE, I made frantic last minute calls to a few of my friends, trying to figure out where they would be that night. It was already 7 PM and I was still in college, dressed up in a coat and tie. I hurriedly made up my mind and left for home. The journey back home gave me some time to figure out my plan for that night. I decided I would try and visit as many friends as possible, depending on where they are having fun with their own set of friends. The following locations were decided upon: Ghatkopar, Goregaon, Andheri (W), Andheri (E), Khar, Wadala, Lower Parel and Marine Drive. Quite ambitious I thought if I wanted to make it to all these places and meet people and be with them long enough for it to not look rude.

After a quick shower and packing my camera, headphones, a book, water and the phone charger I left home at 9 PM. My first stop was Ghatkopar to meet Kareena. She was on her way back from work and had no other plans for the night this year. So we went for a small drive in her car and had a quick dinner. This was the time that my amnesia set in and we forgot to click a picture! I was there till around 11 PM and thought that I should move or forget a few places. Next stop was Goregaon, to meet Sonia. I called her to ask her whereabouts once I reached Andheri and she told me that she didn't think she could meet me. Disappointed, I called Sudeshna who was supposed to be in Andheri (W). She said she is in East at a restaurant called FireBowl. So off I went and found a small quite restaurant serving chinese food to Rohan, Sudeshna and her friend Priyanka. It was already 11.40 and I knew I will be with them at midnight. I didn't mind it! That was the best part, it would not matter where I was at midnight! They were all my closest friends. This time I did not forget the camera! 

This done, Sudy and Piyu had planned a night in the house and Rohan was to go to a friend's party in Mahalaxmi. So we guys had to run some errands for the girl's night. Off we went to get chips, breezers and something else I don't remember right now. After dropping off Rohan to Jogeshwari station, I called Aksha to ask the directions to her party. It was in Andheri (E) and once I reached there, I realised the contrasting party I was going to. Blaring music, dancing people, UV lights and flowing booze. It took me some time to realise where I was and happened to meet Priyanka (not the earlier one, this one's my friend from Jai Hind) too. Danced on Dhan Ta Na and decided I should make a move to the next stop. It was already 1 and I realised Khar was not possible now. Aarti would never meet me this late. She told me I was right and she could not meet me. Next stop, Wadala.

Wadala was the place where Vikas was staying for the night and on my way there, I called him 23 times for him to not take my call. Another place crossed from the list. Off to Hard Rock Cafe then, quite a few people from my college were supposed to be there. Once, I got there, it was more like High Rock Cafe. I had never seen so many drunk people at the same time. Nidhi refused to pick up my call and Sukhmani came out to meet me. As we waited for Nidhi to come out, more drunk people walked out, getting into arguments and fist fights. Then came Nidhi, quite well spirited might I add! Met them and a few more people from college and it was time for me to leave again. 

It was time to meet the Queen and her Necklace! Marine Drive it was! I rode in anticipation all the way. I entered the stretch at Chowpatty and the ride till NCPA at 3.30 AM was something else! Parked my bike and decided to take a walk on the relatively deserted Promenade. Bliss! It was 4.30 AM when I finally sat on my bike with music in my ears and me on my way back home in the other end of the city; where I finally met my sister who fed me food from her party with her friends.

That night, I had traveled 108 Kms in 8 hours, quite literally across the length and breadth of one of the most awesome cities in the world. Fortunately, there was no traffic anywhere I went and the ride was better thanks to the nip in the air. I had met quite a few of my friends and could not meet a few more of them. I had visited quite a few places and could not visit a few more. The best part was, I could choose who I wanted to be with and for how much time. And if I ever wanted some change, I could get back to myself in a jiffy – on my bike, in the cold.

I guess that was what it was all about. Spending the NYE with myself and all the favorite people, and of course this city.

A New Year – A New Beginning?

Only people who know how my life has taken shape in the last decade, will understand fully what I am going to say in the next few lines; rest will just understand.

This decade has been the defining period of my life; and it coincided with me turning 18 at the beginning of this decade. Right from choosing a career path and then changing the path midway and finally settling down, ‘assuming’ that I now know what I want to do the rest of my life. This decision, turned out to be one that has not only shaped my career, but also me.

I wish I could compare the kind of person I was in 2000 and the man I am in 2009 as we would compare my pictures from then and now. And both comparisons would never cease to surprise me. I am sure this is the case with most people, but I am not really concerned with most people. For me, this past decade has given me experiences that have left its marks forever, friends that will stay forever and memories that will make me smile forever.

Every person is shaped by the experiences that he/she goes through. With that in perspective, I have been shaped quite a lot and I am more than happy with the result of this sculpting. But I am not yet satisfied. No one can be. No one should be. 

This past year has left its indelible mark on history. This new year is a new beginning for a lot of people, a lot of organisations and a lot of countries. For me however, it is a part of the old beginning.

As I read this post, I realise that even though I am really connected to this topic, it is not the best written; it does not even have a proper flow. It only has a proper beginning, but I really can’t find the middle and the end. Well, I am surely in no hurry to find them. I am loving the beginning. 

I have only just begun! 🙂

Happy New Year!