A New Year – A New Beginning?

Only people who know how my life has taken shape in the last decade, will understand fully what I am going to say in the next few lines; rest will just understand.

This decade has been the defining period of my life; and it coincided with me turning 18 at the beginning of this decade. Right from choosing a career path and then changing the path midway and finally settling down, ‘assuming’ that I now know what I want to do the rest of my life. This decision, turned out to be one that has not only shaped my career, but also me.

I wish I could compare the kind of person I was in 2000 and the man I am in 2009 as we would compare my pictures from then and now. And both comparisons would never cease to surprise me. I am sure this is the case with most people, but I am not really concerned with most people. For me, this past decade has given me experiences that have left its marks forever, friends that will stay forever and memories that will make me smile forever.

Every person is shaped by the experiences that he/she goes through. With that in perspective, I have been shaped quite a lot and I am more than happy with the result of this sculpting. But I am not yet satisfied. No one can be. No one should be. 

This past year has left its indelible mark on history. This new year is a new beginning for a lot of people, a lot of organisations and a lot of countries. For me however, it is a part of the old beginning.

As I read this post, I realise that even though I am really connected to this topic, it is not the best written; it does not even have a proper flow. It only has a proper beginning, but I really can’t find the middle and the end. Well, I am surely in no hurry to find them. I am loving the beginning. 

I have only just begun! 🙂

Happy New Year!

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