No La Liga broadcast in India!

This is absolutely pathetic!

It seems ESPN Star Sports (ESS) has decided to not renew their contract to broadcast La Liga in Asia. They have to pay USD 1 million per year for these rights as opposed to 13.5 million for 3 years for the EPL – this contract expires in 2010. This is the same way they lost the rights to the UEFA Champions League and Cup broadcast to Ten Sports – this also costs 1 million per year.

Their argument is they have enough cricket and EPL in their calendar and not many people would want to watch football at midnight (which is when La Liga is played – IST). Are you kidding me? Just this year when I though there will be more Liga matches on TV thanks to Ronaldo, Kaka, Benzema, Zlatan and more gong to Spain, they decide to take the plug out completely! Not to mention the number of Ronaldo fans who would now want to watch Real Madrid games!

I have no hopes from Ten Sports giving more weightage to Spanish match in the Champions League as well now. To add to all this, it seems no other channel is interested in picking up the rights for La Liga as well.

It is a sad year for football! Atleast for me…


126 thoughts on “No La Liga broadcast in India!

  1. Piyush says:

    @kadirronaldo is jus a gud diver n i guess he failed on d stage where he ws needed d most d title race is ovr n moreovr ronaldo dusnt stand nywhere near messi he rocked real madrid!!! Dey cant win laliga nw poor real spent 250 million euro jus to exit frm champions league n lose la liga

  2. akshat seth says:

    they didnot show it last season but we cannot let it happon for second yr in a row start campaign yet again and if we can let us organise a demonstration and gherao ess n others

  3. Ibra says:

    Hey guys! it seems La Liga 2010/11 is gonna be on Zee Sports… according to This site seems to be a reputable site. If it is really true than HOOOORRAAAYYY!!Guys in India please confirm the news!!!

  4. akshay says:

    On ten sports

  5. akshay says:

    relax guys.. and all say in chorus "F U ESPN" 😛 🙂

  6. priyal says:

    great news !!! for all barca and messi fans!!!ten sports telecasts a show named "barca tv" every tuesday night or wednesday morning,check out their schedule on ten sports web site…

  7. Queen Dulu says:

    EPL sucks balls. La Liga is the best. Fuck ESS. Ten Sports FTW.

  8. al says:

    so looks like sense prevailed.. hope 10 does a good job with this. I’m afraid because even last season they chose to air barca tv like 11:30 tuesday that too if there was not even golf to air at that time..

  9. samun says:

    dudess………..super sports ia worth watching all la liga epl and Serie a matchess.

  10. balagopal says:

    even is saying this!!

  11. Wow, im really happy that i will be able to follow La liga in pakistan and that too live…though i hate tensports commentators and pre shows etc…they really sucks……..

  12. Neel says:

    YIPPEE….lets hope they show the ENTIRE match.

  13. superstar says:

    wat d f…..not being able to watch la liga…but lets c wat says!!just cnt resist to miss d action!!!!

  14. Jagreets says:

    Yesssssssssssssssss, Zee Sports is giving La Liga and Series A…….. + UEFAESPN & STAR has nothing but EPL……

  15. rehan raza khan says:

    yeh at first ten sports was showing the add of laliga broadcast now it is showing that it would be live and exclussive in Z sports

  16. ankit says:

    dis is absoultely disgustin all fans r so exited dis time especiaally after world cup i am a huge barca fan some shud do somthin!!!

  17. Neel says:

    New channel called TenAction…actually ZeeSports with a new name.They did it so that they could be screened on Big TV, TataSky etc….good to see they are trying. Let’s hope they get them.Here’s the promo :

  18. pankaj says:

    i m really disappointed for no telecast of laliga matches it is very bad for us not to enjoy classical football of spain which are best in world

  19. pankaj arora says:

    pooorrrrrrrrrrr for us not to enjoy spanish football as espnstar not showing any matches

  20. i am a frusted football fan because their is no extra liga match on espn except barclys liga …… espn contains more clear picture quality if ,espn will broadcast any other big liga matches like bundes liga, series a, uefa champion or uropa liga ,belgium liga ,fa cup, spanish la liga or dutch liga then it will be a great oppertunity for indian viewers. i expect they will think about it…………………….

  21. Rajesh says:

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  22. abhishek ghosh says:

    On top of that..who on earth would want to watch a USELESS , UGLY bangladesh – zim series..instead give us some football man…cmon guys.

  23. Chinmaya says:

    Well this is a shame. i deadly wanted to watch all of real madrid’s matches this season no matter on which time but espn and star sports made my wish a hell. both of the channels are looooooooooosers

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  25. Biswajit says:

    What is chennel name of la liga

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