PCom bail-out

One should always have a ‘bail-out place’ wherever you go regularly. What I mean by this is an area where you can run away from other things and people and just be within yourself. This place is normally one’s room in the house or the bathroom for some people, the canteen in college for someone or the cafeteria at work. These places completely bail you out of your misery.

Not that I am suffering from any misery, but I would now come to my place of bail out in college. This is the Placement Committee room or the PCom room as it is known. It is nothing but an average sized room with 6 computers against the walls and a table and chair at one corner which leaves quite a bit of space in the middle. It also has lots of shelves and of course, a couple of phones. This room is just an ordinary room without an AC but two huge windows spanning the breadth of a wall. There are no ceiling fans as ceiling is not high enough and so we have to make do with a few standing fans. Oh, and the best part, it exists between the less visited third floor and the never visited fourth floor, making it completely isolated.

This room is in no way comfortable – it has really old chairs. It is in no way greatly equipped – we have to go all the way to the ground floor to get water. But still, there is something that makes me feel at ease. I usually forget about anything outside the room, classes, projects et al. There is no pressure on me when I am there, no one is telling me what to do, a room where we are all equals. I don’t go to the room to wile away my time, to get away from lectures or projects. But I do feel cocooned once I am there. I feel like being on my toes in there, not wanting to rest, making things happen.

It is not a typical bail-out place for me, but I do feel as if I am bailed out once I am there.


3 thoughts on “PCom bail-out

  1. Mystery says:

    Please stop blogging..u really suck

  2. Aditya Kandala says:

    make me stop!

  3. Jinesh says:

    Dude, you don’t forge abt projects, you choose to do that… but yes it was a place, free of academic tensions, only placements tension at our time, I guess it is over that also now

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