An incredible urge

I presently have this incredible urge to write something. I don’t know what to, but I have to!

The cause of this urge are two people, my fellow Placement Committee members from the 2011 batch and also fellow bloggers. One is Rachana and the other is Vikash (yes it is spelt that way). They not only liked my blog and what I have written but discussed a few things about blogging and it has now got me going.

What I like about both their blogs at first are the names. I could never think of a cool name for my blog. Mine has always been adityakandala or some other format of my name. But AngelicHuman and DelusionsOfPetrification are two really cool names. I don’t even know what the second one means. Vikash you owe me an explanation. They both write differently, Rachana is more of a formatted serious kind of writer who might not write unless she doesnt have anything concrete to write about, quite similar to me. Vikash doesnt really care about formatting and just goes with his thoughts, I like this. Vikash is also into poetry by the way.

I am not some experienced blogger or writer to comment on their writing and will not do that. This was just an attempt at writing something random without having any particular topic in mind. Done.


Vikash: delusions of petrification means that…u are under the fake illusion of being tied down ….or stoned…from doin nethn but its just ur illusion …till u realize ur worth!

One thought on “An incredible urge

  1. Vikash says:

    The very essence of Blogging stems for the fact that if u feel an urge to write…the only way is..You go ahead n WRITE! 🙂 Thumbs up for doin the same now!On a thankful note, feels good to be appreciated for your weird n random thoughts from a fellow Blogger..and of what callibre( I have jus started exploring)…Many more to come…This space or that ! We are what we write! Cheers,Vikash

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