About okies, lolzz and more

All of us have chatted online. And all of us are familiar with the common chat lingo.

Me however, find some of the words in the lingo quite weird.

Let us start with okies. At first I though this is what people say when they want to say OK to multiple things. Like the plural form of OK. After all, OKs will sound like okies when u say it. BUT, that is not what it is meant for. All it means is OK! Yes, okies and OK are the same! I mean, COME ON! It makes sense if you shorten a particular word so that you make lesser keystrokes, but how does it make ANY sense to ADD three letters to two letter word! I often use 'k' instead of OK. But is it not this that the chat lingo is all about.

The next word in my hit list is lolzzz. WTH! What am I supposed to think when someone says lolzzzzzzzzz? Does it mean you were laughing out loud and then fell asleep? Did what I say make you laugh out of pity? If you want to say that you are laughing out louder, then you might as well say lmao or rofl or lmfao. But no, you use ONLY lolzzz. You will never, just for the sake of variety, use lol to show that you are maybe just giggling. And anyways, how many people are actually laughing out aloud when they say lol? If I actually laugh out loud everytime I say lol, my folks would think I have gone bonkers. Yes, I do say a lot of lol  and hehe and haha, but never lolzzzzz.

What is the deal with some people using '…..' after every thing they say? I can understand it if you say this when you mean to continue your point, but why would anyone say gnite…. and cya…. and tc…. and ….. after every freaking thing they type? It just does not make sense!

The really excited people type '!' everytime before they press enter. Here is an illustration:
abc: watsup!
me: nm…wassup?
abc: nm! u temme!
me: i just told you
abc: ohh! lolzzzz!
me: so wat you doing?
abc: tp!
me: done with your project?
abc: no! i m bored!
me: hmmm
abc: you done?!
me: almost…but ll take more time
abc: cool!
do we have anything else to do?!?!
me: i dnt think so
abc: nice! i m reallly bored ya!!!

Now please do not tell me all of those statements are supposed to have an ! at the end.

Then there are the obsessive smiley users. They know all the smileys ever programmed into any chat client and they are not afraid to use it. They have a smiley for every mood and every reply that they send. All this is fine as it helps you gauge the expression of the other person, but they are not always the right smileys! How obsessed can you get?

There are many more but I would rather leave them for you to comment on. Please add on to this list by weird chatters, it can be you as well!

4 thoughts on “About okies, lolzz and more

  1. Aviraj Saluja says:

    Welcome to the club of okies and lolzz haters. Founded by me.And thanks for writing up this post. I have wanted to write about this (and more) for months now, but was afraid that the excessive use of curse words would not make for very good reading.

  2. Aditya Kandala says:

    you said it my man 🙂

  3. Kareena says:

    I beg to differ. lolzzzzzzzzz….means i am laughing longer…like hehe..hehe..hehe..hehe….now typing THAT wud be bonkers…"zzzzzzzzzzz" means gone to sleep only wen its not preceded or succeeded by other words. hence the lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. humph. boys. And "…….." has a LOT of meaning. it means, that the person is..well…contemplating…isnt abrupt….its actually quite subtle…humph. boys. now, tho its clear I am all about lolzzzzzzzzzzz and "………………"i DO find exclamation marks after every typed word quite hilarious. 😛

  4. Sana says:

    Good one! Loolllzzzzzzzzzz …haha

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