I have realised

  1. 90% of people don’t work unless told to
  2. People generally don’t care about anything but themselves
  3. Responsibilty is something that everyone is SCARED of
  4. People will never own up to their own mistakes
  5. There are two kinds of people – those who will be more careful about their own stuff than the stuff they borrow and those who take more care of borrowed stuff than their own stuff
  6. People generally have a bad attitude
  7. Everyone who thinks they are better than others are generally not
  8. Everyone who thinks everyone else is better than them is also generally wrong
  9. Not everyone wants to chart a path for others to follow (Why would anyone not want to do this?)
  10. I think too much about all this

One thought on “Enlightenment

  1. Kareena says:

    Phew someone’s donned a nice, li’l thinking cap 🙂 I think I know where this is coming from, too!

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