Airtel Vs Vodafone 2

I had posted earlier about the Airtel ads and how they are similar to the Vodafone ads.

I have seen a few more from the Airtel campaign, and I have to say, I don’t get it! Why would Airtel risk doing something like this?

The ads look similar to Vodafone, they don’t look anything like the other Airtel ads, and the most noticable thing in Airtel ads – the music – does not come in until the last 5 seconds! So, how is it helping the ads stay in the viewer’s mind?

Usually, an ad can be associated with a particular brand, if there is the usual peculiarity. Like the music in case of the telecom ads. All of them a peculiar music of their own which have become popular in their own right. However, Airtel (which incidentally has the most popular of these, thanks to A R Rehman), is just ruining it. The least they could have done was flashed the Airtel logo at the beginning itself. Most brands like to keep the viewer guessing about the brand, but in most of these cases they get it wrong. They would be better off by showing the brand earlier on and showing it a couple of more times by the end. Especially in this case where people are confusing it to be a competitor’s ad!

Come on Airtel! You can do better!

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