Multiple positioning of brand Dove

Dove has always been a brand that has been associated with something special. It signifies treating your skin to a better product which everyone cannot afford. Dove has always maintained this positioning strategy (which makes sense as Dove is more expensive than other soaps too and not everyone can afford it). However, recently after the launch of their range of other Dove products they have changed the positioning of the original Dove product.

The recent TV ads for Dove talks about the benefits of Dove and shows a girl in her early twenties as a user as against their usual use of an educated english speaking, working woman. This strategy has shifted now to the hair products. The new ads for their hair care range has women talking in english (one with an accent even) about how they have stopped hair fall by using the Dove products. So they are now saying, that Dove soaps are not really that aspirational any more. Even though it is the same product and costs the same amount if not more expensive, more people can afford it and it would be better to show the benefits for everyone rather than show ‘very well to do accented english speaking middle aged women’. So, the product I guess has moved on to the next stage of the PLC.

BCG Matrix anyone?


2 thoughts on “Multiple positioning of brand Dove

  1. Aarti says:

    you know what, i quite like this change in positioning. i used some dove shampoo, thought it was quite good and i can’t help thinking that these testimonials are real ( i know, they’re only ads. but what to do?) btw, now fiama di wills has started using testimonials for their haircare stuff too. dove’s execution is much better though.

  2. Alfonse says:

    As far as BCG is concerned i think that Dove has been a Star in the portfolio of HUL and slowly its inching towards Cash Cow but this will take decades to replace the good old Lux. and as far as positioning is concerned…This is a stage of reinstating the positioning in a slightly modified way. The aspirations created earlier are to be preserved , yet the functional benefits are to portrayed. This is not the usual path any Brand takes though…For any brand, initially the functional attributed are always highlighted and later on followed by the emotional appeals..(Take Eg, of Dish TV whose earlier ads showed SRK boasting abt the no. of channels and recently the ad with a little girl when they shift to a new place…….Same for tata Sky…Aamir ad where he is a Sardar and runs followed by Saif & Kareena)………To summarize i would say it is just a shift in strategy with reinstating the Positioning….

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