Airtel follows Vodafone

Vodafone ads in India have consistently used the most appealing elements. Right from the time it was Hutch, they have used the two most appealing elements – kids and dogs. They have been known to create the maximum connect with the consumers as we had once discussed in an Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) lecture.

Not only have they used the two most effective elements, but they have used the two elements extremely effectively. Combined with a catchy jingle, it has traversed every customer segment and managed to create an unparalleled recall value.

Telecom ads have always tried to create an emotional connect and never speak about the service itself. This of course is an exception with the Vodafone value adds and the CDMA networks. The big three, Airtel, Vodafone and Idea have all had memorable jingles which have created the recall value they now have. Airtel has normally used the jingle as the focal point of all their campaigns. However, now Airtel seems to be trying to taking a page out of Vodafone’s book. Their new campaign about ‘Airtel 5’ uses 5 extremely cute kids. Not that the kids are ever going to use the mobile phones, but it is kind of similar to the Vodafone ads. Airtel has used kids earlier too, the one with two kids playing football at the border and the one with the kid who calls his dad on his toy phone after being scolded by the mom.

Look at the pictures below. The first two are the obvious Vodafone ads, the third one is the Airtel football ad and the last one is Airtel or Vodafone?

Is the new campaign with kids too similar to the Vodafone ads? Is the use of too many different themes by Airtel creating confusion in the minds of the consumer? After all, Idea and Vodafone have pretty consistent themes.



2 thoughts on “Airtel follows Vodafone

  1. Aarti says:

    i know! i keep making that mistake everytime the TVC plays, i stop to watch it thinking it’s a hutch ad, and then get surprised to see it’s Airtel. copy cats.

  2. Aviraj Saluja says:

    If only Vodafone’s service was as good as their adverts.

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