10 things to do when you are stuck in traffic at Powai

As I have mentioned in my earlier posts, I travel to work by road and this route goes through Powai. Now Powai, apart from the IIT, Powai lake and
Hiranandani, is also very well known for its infamous peak hour traffic. So, I have come up with 10 things that you can do when you are stuck in
Powai (which you will be).
1. Take a walk. As Abhishek Bachchan says in the idea ads, walk when you talk. Start walking by getting out of the car. If you are in the bus, walk in the bus. There is nothing better than a morning walk surrounded by carbon monoxide.
2. Interact with IITians. This is your chance to interact with the brightest minds in the world! Just walk across the road and talk to any guy you meet there. Strike up a conversation about the latest discovery in astro-physics or the launch of the iPhone 3Gs. You can even walk when you talk! Don’t worry about your vehicle. It will still be there when you come back, and so will all the other vehicles around it.
3. Shop! Yes, shop! There are many shops in the vicinity and they are eager to sell. Finish your weekly shopping here so that you don’t have to do it on a Sunday. Imagine the sleep you will get on Sundays.
4. Sell! Let us take the previous suggestion to the next step. Get anything that you think is clutter at your home and trade it for something else.
After all one man’s garbage is another man’s…..well, something. Now that I think of this again, it is a brilliant idea! If this takes off, Powai will
become the biggest flea market in the world! Imagine the gadgets the IIT guys would want to sell there! God I am brilliant!
5. Call the lost ones. Call all those people who you thought you never had time to call. Call them and yell at them for not calling you all this while.
Listen to Aby Baby and walk when you talk. Basically get your social quotient high.
6. Sleep. Catch up on your sleep. Nothing more needs to be said.
7. Boat ride. Go to the Powai lake and take a boat ride. This is excellent exercise and will strengthen your back muscles and arms like nothing else. Come on, so what if the water is dirty?
8. Read up. Buy 4 newspapers and read them cover to cover. Yes, it is possible. Very much so! Moreover, this is bound to help you in the interview you will soon be giving thanks to your late arrival at office everyday.
9. Talk to other drivers. So what if the car next to you is a cab? What is a cab today can be a cute girl tomorrow. Get into the habit. Talk to the
driver next to you about everything except the traffic.
10. Blog. Just like I am doing πŸ˜›


8 thoughts on “10 things to do when you are stuck in traffic at Powai

  1. Mystery says:

    u really suck

  2. Aditya Kandala says:

    Wow mystery! I love you for commenting on my every post. You the only one who does it πŸ™‚

  3. Babik says:

    try the pizza hut as well…..

  4. Shishir says:

    hi..happnd to come across this thru tweeter ..would like to add it to my homepage in the articles section as well … do let me know …shishir@yespowai.com

  5. Kareena says:

    Whoa, it’s that bad?And Mystery, ever thought of starting a blog of your own if you’re

  6. Helga says:


  7. Saw this on twitter, and this post made my day!
    I always complained about not getting enough time to read… then I discovered the joys of travelling from Powai via JVLR.
    That stretch of road is perfect for catching up on sleep and reading.

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