Domino’s “crunchy” pizzas!

I once did a project which required me to classify the various pizza outlet in the city. Not surprisingly, Domino’s was not only the most preferred outlet but also commanded the highest brand recall. All this thanks to the consistent marketing with catchy ads, smart promos and constant branding efforts. Of course apart from all this, it is the oldest pizza chain considering it was the first one to enter the market.

So, I too am a regular patron of Domino’s and every time call in for delivery. Yesterday night however, all I had to get were two personal pizzas for my parents (don’t ask) and quite understandably they would not have delivered it; after all it costs Rs. 35 per pizza. So off I went to the outlet (just 5 minutes walk from my place) to get the pizzas, with my sister for company.

I reached there, placed my order and paid the money, all I had to do now was wait for them to bake it and give it to me. It was nearing closing time and there was no one else at the outlet. But I don’t think the time was the only reason for the deserted outlet. As I looked around the relatively spacious outlet (it could seat around 25 people), I saw hundreds of insects flying around. These were those huge flying ant thingies. And there were every size of them! Most of them were lying dead or unconscious on the floor; or maybe even sleeping after the long day of flying around in the outlet. It was freaky! Just the sheer number of them! They even had the blue-insect-zapping-light-thingy, but it sure didn’t seem to work!

My sister had gone there once before with some of her friends and throughout their meal complained to the staff. But I guess those guys could not really speak bug language to tell them all to fly out. The point is, I am sure EVERYONE complains (you cannot miss it), and this being one of the few Domino’s outlets which has seating capacity, should be more sensible! Heck, the seating capacity does not even matter!

I for one will now think twice before calling Domino’s, and for sure watch out for the crunch in my pizza!


5 thoughts on “Domino’s “crunchy” pizzas!

  1. Mystery says:

    u suck

  2. Kareena says:

    LOLZ! good one adand Mystery, shut up coz ur wasting time and spacefunny u r, no?

  3. Kareena says:

    thingys!?(trying to stifle giggles)(cant):D

  4. Mohit says:

    I dont even like dominoes…. all the veggies are always "dry freezed" or something to preserve them…However, it must be taken into consideration that if this incidence is a very recent one particularly immediately after first of those shy monsoon showers.. its difficult to control the environment and the bug population where the doors constantly open…

  5. Mohit says:

    btw… by the looks of the pics i think those were drone ants from the nearby ant colony flown into domino’s attracted by their yellow lights.. đŸ˜›

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