What the hell is she smoking?!

I am talking about Anupam Ahuja, the loving and loyal wife of the Mr. I-had-sex-with-my-maid-but-with-her-consent Shiney Ahuja!

The maid says she is raped, Shiney says Shiney has not raped, the doctors say she has been raped and the wife says she is proud of Shiney! I mean, what the hell is she smoking?!

I can understand the frame up angle though. Here is what happened according to me. Wife and kid left the country, Shiney got lonely, realised Shiney has two maids, let the older one go home, asked the younger one for a favor, she consented (quite sure with protest however), she then thought she can get something out of this, Shiney threatened her, she went to the cops! I might be being unfair to the girl if she has been raped (and trust me I will hate myself if that is true), but this is what makes sense from all that has come out.

What however I cannot understand is, the wife saying she is proud of Shiney! I mean come on woman! Shiney has accepted that Shiney had sex with the maid and that does not make it right! It is still adultery! Shiney has ACCEPTED it! Or is THAT something you are proud of??

I think she took her wedding vows too seriously. Or maybe she is smoking something. Well in that case can someone tell me what the hell it is that she is smoking?!!

P.S. I have refused to use a pronoun for Shiney as I find the name too funny and love using it again and again 😛


One thought on “What the hell is she smoking?!

  1. Kareena says:

    Lolz!You know…we were watching the press conference Shiney’s wife called for….and a senior in office was in splits coz his wife kept saying she KNOWS he hasn’t done this. How? Simple. Because according to her, Shiney is "just not capable of it!" What’s the world coming up to….

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