What the hell are we paying for?

I don’t really get this, I pay Rs. 15 per month for ONE SINGLE channel Star Cricket!

The least I expect is a viewing experience that is unlike other channels which either come bundled with others or are absolutely free of cost! What I am actually getting is, more ADs than cricket, absolutely no air time for anything except the 6 balls per over, sometimes we miss the extra ball bowled due to a wide or a no-ball, miniature screens twice every over thanks to the ADs shown DURING the match and many more such atrocities!

It has been ages since I have seen the bowler run in on his first ball, the batsman taking guard, the captain and the bowler having a strategic chat and many many more such things that make watching cricket an enjoyable experience. With all the ADs during the telecast, the ADs between over and wickets and the banners after every four or six, they HAVE to be earning enough to earn a sizeable profit. But no, that is not enough! They want to charge every home 15 bucks too. Do they charge Reliance for 6 ADs and air only 5? Hell no! Then why do they charge us and show us substandard television? They have stopped showing replays after a wicket has fallen just so that they can squeeze in another AD! This is robbery! And every single channel does this!

I have always believed that every channel that gets revenues from advertisements should not charge viewers. What do you think?

4 thoughts on “What the hell are we paying for?

  1. Aviraj Saluja says:

    Bang on, dude. The problem is, I had sort of expected ESPNstar to be better that MAX on this front but they’ve been quite disappointing.But if I think of the reasons they’re basically two:A. They’re greedy.2. They pay obscene amounts to get the telecast rights in the first place.

  2. Mystery says:

    u suck

  3. Aditya Kandala says:

    cmon mystery! you can do better than that. if you can make the effort of making a comment, you surely would have a vocabulary of more than three words!

  4. Mohit says:

    i think dedicating a seperate channel just for cricket is hurting them… Although alot of cricket is being played around, it is still not "enough" to cover 365 days a year 24/7….Things were better qualitatively in my opinion when cricket was part of a channel and not the channel itself….

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