My Shiny new Phone!

Here it is! Finally! It has been almost three months since I lost my last phone – SE W350i. I have been using interim back up and borrowed phones till yesterday.

My interim phones have included my broken Nokia 6101, my cousin’s Nokia 6610i and my dear friend Aviraj’s Sony Ericsson Z550i. All of these are decent phones in their own rights, but they are not something one looks forward to using in the long term. You can see from the pictures below, the 6101 is just plain broken and takes two hands to handle it ever so delicately, the 6610i does not belong to me and has a broken panel with the plastic covering the display missing and finally the Z550i even though the latest and the youngest, had a battery life which made me think it is being run on two AA cells.

As you can see, all the phones I have owned have been quite varied. Especially in the looks department. These include my very first Nokia 7250i and my lost Sony Ericsson W350i, which incidentally was the one I loved the most! Ironically, that is the only phone I don’t have in possession and so have to use a stock image from the net. You can notice, that I have tried to move away from the ubiquitous black candy-bar phone. I have had a purple, a white, a silver and an orange phone. However, the color I always wanted was either red or yellow. So not surprisingly, my new phone is a shiny red one! And I have a feeling it is going to replace the W350i for me. It is quite similar in terms of functions and another reason being this is another phone I have bought for myself using my own hard earned money.

Basically I think this is a brilliant phone. It has everything one wants from a phone that retails around INR 6K and then some more. I have been loving it for the past two days. And I pray I don’t lose this one!

BTW, which among my phones below is the one you like the most?



2 thoughts on “My Shiny new Phone!

  1. Aviraj Saluja says:

    aaaand finally! 🙂

  2. Aviraj Saluja says:

    you’re welcome, btw

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