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What an idea!

I LOVE this AD! I know people are now in love with the zoozoos, but this was a brilliant ad. It was the start of the “What an idea sirjee!” campaign with Abhishek Bachchan and he has been brilliant in every ad.

I was telling someone recently that the brilliance of Abhishek Bachchan’s acting is in his expressions and due to the lack of distraction in ads (there is normally only one person in the frame at a time), you just cannot miss his expressions. No wonder Ram Gopal Verma did justice to the Bachchan’s in the Sarkar movies with the awesome closeups.

Everything said, lookout for the guy next to Abhishek at the end of the ad, he is simply awesome!

P.S. Sorry for the poor quality of the video 🙂

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A sucky year of Sports for me :(

Let me see,

  1. Real Madrid won nothing
  2. Federer won nothing
  3. India lost again in Hockey
  4. Ferrari is winning nothing
  5. Lost all hopes from Kimi
  6. Mumbai Indians just lost again when they should have won!

Waiting for the T20 World Cup now…

Playing it Cool…

It does not matter that poeple don’t know what Genre they belong to.

It does not matter if all their songs sound similar to the critic.

It does not matter if they are not similar to any band.

It does not matter that they are similar to too many bands.

It does not matter that they cannot be called rock.

It does matter that people don’t know what Genre they belong to.

It does matter that each of their songs are unique to their fan.

It does matter that they are not similar to any band.

It does matter that they cannot be called anything.

It does matter that they were born and met each other and decided to play music.

It does matter that they are the coolest band on earth.

It does matter that they are Coldplay.


I have moved :)

Yes, my dear imaginary readers. I have officially moved to Posterous. However, Blogger will still be update via Posterous!

In short: is still the URL but it will get you to Posterous. The URL for the blogger page is just in case 😛

I shall soon transfer all my old posts to Posterous with the help of the good people (Sachin & Gary) at Posterous once they make it possible 🙂

Foreign Rip-Offs Cooler Than The Hollywood Originals from

The American Original:

In his 1978 Film, Superman apprehends those who commit crimes. The love of Lois Lane helps the superpowered Kryptonian maintain his humanity.

The Foreign Rip-Off:

In this Bollywood extravaganza, Superman and Indian Lois Lane (a.k.a. Indian Spiderwoman) use the power of dance to commit crimes against humanity.

Why It’s Better:

To be fair, Dariya Dil isn’t an Indian Superman movie at all (the only plot synopsis we could find online said it was a romantic comedy about tax evasion or something). But nonetheless, we dig its freaky take on the Superman mythos.

<img src="” />

The problem with the American Superman is he’s basically a god trapped in the mind of a crossing guard. His M.O. for crime prevention is hovering above the ground, arms crossed with an exasperated frown on his face. Come on! We’re talking about Superman here, continents shift when he yawns and oceans boil when he farts in the tub. But it’s wasted on a guy who has the personality of a mannequin.

<img src="” />
Why is that happening?

The Indian Superman has no such hang-ups. He’ll dance like no one’s watching. He’ll canoodle with his girl at 5,000 feet. And–at the 2:33 mark–he’ll use his superbreath to blow a criminal at the force of escape velocity into the vacuum of space, where the perp will orbit the Earth as a frozen corpse for decades. In short, Indian Superman just does not give a fuck.

This is one of the funniest things I have read on!

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I am planning to move

Well, it’s not that kind of moving where I would need to call a truck and get all the heavy stuff in and rearrange and reorganize; OK, I will be doing the latter part.

Here’s the thing, I have been using Blogger (since I started and I thought it was pretty cool. But now I am being persuaded to move to Posterous by none other than Mr. Paape. Now for some time, I am going to be posting at both the blogs. As any blogger should, I am going to let my readers (imaginary though they might be) decide.

So please do me a favour and post your preference as a comment (HAHAHA, I am actually going to get comments!). Finally, depending on your preference and how I find my experience at Posterous, I shall migrate accordingly. So do you want to make this Mumbai or Shanghai?

Looking forward!

Mumbaites making Mumbai Shanghai

In an unprecedented initiative, the citizens of Mumbai have taken upon themselves to make sure that Mumbai becomes Shanghai.

Over the past few years, the promise that every administrator made was to convert Mumbai into Shanghai. All this while, these have just remained promises. But now, the citizens of the Maximum City have resolved that they will not let the ineptitude and inefficiency of the administrators discourage them. The people have now taken matters into their own hands.

The citizens know that Rome was not built in a day and this applies to Shanghai too. The masses have realised that one of the major things that differentiates both the countries is the Government by itself. More importantly, the way in which the Government is formed. The people of Shanghai have absolutely no say in who governs them. This seems to work for them. The citizens of Mumbai are trying to do that as well. Atleast 57% of Mumbai is trying their best.

If one looks at the trend in detail, one can see that this has been an attempt since more than a decade now. The voter turnout dipped to a low of 41.43 percent in 1991, but climbed to 45.90 percent in 1996 and 50.26 percent in 1998. The figure again nosedived to 44.86 percent in 1999 and then touched 47.15 percent in 2004 showing that people who do not want the progress of the city and this country still vote. But this year more have adopted the progressive mindset and decided to not vote, bringing the voter turnout to a whopping 41.24%!

This strategy was noticed by various NGOs, the media and various celebrities. They realised that they will be strangled and have no freedom at all if Mumbai becomes Shanghai and selfishly released campaigns encouraging people to vote. But finally, we, the people prevailed. The day is now not far when we can proudly say we are similar to Shanghai atleast in one aspect!

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