I am planning to move

Well, it’s not that kind of moving where I would need to call a truck and get all the heavy stuff in and rearrange and reorganize; OK, I will be doing the latter part.

Here’s the thing, I have been using Blogger (since I started and I thought it was pretty cool. But now I am being persuaded to move to Posterous by none other than Mr. Paape. Now for some time, I am going to be posting at both the blogs. As any blogger should, I am going to let my readers (imaginary though they might be) decide.

So please do me a favour and post your preference as a comment (HAHAHA, I am actually going to get comments!). Finally, depending on your preference and how I find my experience at Posterous, I shall migrate accordingly. So do you want to make this Mumbai or Shanghai?

Looking forward!

4 thoughts on “I am planning to move

  1. Aviraj Saluja says:

    :DPosterous FTW!

  2. Maneesh says:

    Chuck everything.. get a domain come to wordpress 🙂

  3. Aditya Kandala says:

    i do have a domain…but dont want to pay for hosting rite now 🙂

  4. Jinesh says:


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