Musing on nothing…

This might be one of my first blog update without any subject. I just feel like updating my blog.

When I started my blog, I used to think that I would never put something up on my blog just for the heck of it. I always thought that I would just update the blog with my stupid thoughts converted to words and typed out for the reading displeasure of no one. The disadvantage of this was that I would not always get the time needed to convert my stupid thoughts to scripted versions of what goes on in my stupid mind.

This created a problem that the few people who actually went through the pain of reading what I actually wrote, did not bother anymore to check the blog. They were just bored coming to the blog and finding the same update. This is a very important lesson in marketing – ‘Out of sight means out of mind’. So whenever I did get the time to make any update, I did so and always knew that I would have to TELL my audience that I have made some update for your reading displeasure. This meant that I would have to ‘spend on advertising’. So basically I would need to put in more efforts to keep the ‘service’ fresh and the ‘consumer’ interested so that I do not need to ‘spend’ a lot on marketing.

So, coming back to the fact that I am updating my blog just for the heck of it, it’s not really for the heck of it. It is to make sure that there is some recall when someone asks for a blog of your friend’s. I do not pledge to keep my blog updated hence forth, because a marketer should never promise what he is not sure he can deliver. So until next time, keep checking and you might see something new pretty soon.


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