Let’s make your lives interesting….

I have realized that a lot of people are getting bored with their jobs and such.

So i have an idea. All the people who check this blog, I would request you to leave a comment to this entry. In the comment you will have to continue the story that I start right now. You will continue the story 1 paragraph at a time. So don’t leave just a line or something. And continue only the part which has been posted and not which someone has done in the comments section. If there are more than one continuations, I will select the best and we will continue. So let us see how far we go. I am sure there is a writer in all of us. All the best! Don’t let me down by making a parrot out of me. Maybe we will end up making a fairy tail for our kids to read.

Once upon a time in a land far far away, there lived a boy. This boy wasn’t the usual fairy tale good looking prince kind of boys. Instead, he was the usual fairy tale ugly looking boy. But yet he had a heart which was the usual fairy tale good and pure one. He lived all alone in a hut which was next to a small pond in the middle of a jungle. No one else lived close to him, all he could interact with was the nature.

As a result, the boy learned to love nature. Whether it was about identifying the call of which bird woke him up each morning or understanding how every component of nature works in tandem with the rest of the surroundings, he couldn’t help but marvel at natural delights. He learned of a beautiful harmony that exists naturally, that everything that occurs does so for a reason. The boy, with all the might of his good and pure heart, took utmost care to maintain the balance of nature by blending his life with it seamlessly.

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